Halloween in BBYO

November 4, 2022
Rosie Silver

Manhattan, New York, United States

Class of 2023

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It was Halloween! So I thought I would highlight what my chapter (SAJ in BBYO Manhattan) did for Halloween. 

Some people might consider Halloween a holiday, but in reality Halloween is not a true holiday.  It’s actually more of celebration than a holiday where people come together as community to celebrate and kids trick or treat. In our chapter, we did a bunch of activities to celebrate Halloween. 

Activity #1:  Mummy race! First we did a mummy race. A mummy race is where you see who can make the best toilet paper mummy on a human. You get in teams of two or three to do this activity.  In this activity you pick one of your team members to be the mummy. After you set a timer for a certain number of minutes, you can wrap the mummy in toilet paper. Your other teams will wrap the team member being the mummy in toilet paper to see who can wrap their mummy the fastest.

Activity #2:  Next we made a DIY costume out of craft materials like glue, poster paper, and other craft materials to make the perfect costume. My team made a vending machine costume out of a garbage bags, halloween candy, and popsicle sticks. We also made buttons out of pom poms! 

Activity #3: Next we did a runaway show with all the DIY costumes. After everyone was done making their costumes, they got to showcase their designs by walking down the runway. We voted on the most creative costume and most spirited. My team won most creative! 

Rosie Silver is a BBG from MHR, who is the sh'licha of her chapter!

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