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Greater Atlanta’s First Fall Fest

December 18, 2018
Perri Schwartz

Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States

On the night of November 4, 2018, Greater Atlanta Region had their first ever Fall Fest. With a record turnout, including many new eighth graders and underclassmen, this was one of our largest events in regional history.

Our Fall Fest was unique like no other. It was at an indoor rock climbing facility like instead of saying we had food trucks you could say We had a Tom + Chee food truck, a trendy grilled cheese restaurant here in Atlanta, a DJ, and really awesome BBYO swag.

We had an 8th-grade parent meeting, which allowed parents to find out more about BBYO before their children can join, and 20 new parents attended. Because so many 8th graders attended, 8th-grade membership in Greater Atlanta has opened early. In all, we had 250+ total participation.

“Fall Fest displayed the best that GAR has to offer because of all the amazing activities that were present and the amazing people leading the event! It impacted our region because it definitely attracted more teens to BBYO and a bunch of people fell in love with GAR at this event.” —Alisa Steel, Regional S’ganit, Greater Atlanta Region

Perri Schwartz is a BBG who hails from B’yachad BBG #2495 in Greater Atlanta Region. She loves history, news, and politics, and plans on being a journalist in the future.

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