Global Shabbat at Perlman

July 19, 2019
Ori Gal

Palo Alto, California, United States

Class of 2021

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For many Jews around the world, we share the idea that Shabbat is an opportunity to connect with family, community, and our Jewish identities. Every December, Alephs and BBGs around the world host a Shabbat experience on the same night to bring the community together and to bring more light into the world. This year at ILTC, we got a taste of what kind of this initiative, Global Shabbat, can offer alongside teens and staff from 18 countries worldwide. Additionally, we welcomed Mohammad Al Samawi, Peace Activist & Author of The Fox Hunt, as our gamechanger guest to model how to host a community leader at your Global Shabbat. It was a highlight experience for me and (as you can see below) a highlight for many of my friends.  

“It was amazing to see that everyone felt welcome and included regardless of their religious beliefs.” —Margalit Goldberg, Rocky Mountain Region
“Each of the tables had flags from around the world showcasing how the Shabbat experience was happening beyond my community.” —Joey Kaplan, Mountain Region
Global Shabbat definitely helped me recognize how Shabbat make us feel a part of something bigger.” —Tyler Winter, Big Apple Region.
“I’m excited to participate in Global Shabbat in my hometown with thousands of other Jewish teens across the world after seeing this modeled at ILTC.” —Sami Weiss, North Florida Region

We sang our hearts out, celebrated pluralism, and heard some incredible stories. I can’t wait to get started planning my Global Shabbat event back home.

Ori Gal is an Aleph from Central Region West that loves making movies to entertain people.

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