Ending Summer With a Bang: Looking Back at BBYO Summer 2023

August 30, 2023
Heather Feuerstein

Potomac, Maryland, United States

Class of 2025

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BBYO Summer 2023 has just concluded, and all around the order hundreds of members have just returned home! 

BBYO offers programs for leadership, and to travel around the world with this incredible organization! Leadership camps include Chapter Leadership Training Convention (CLTC), International Leadership Training Convention (ILTC), and International Kallah are incredibly popular. 

Prior to the summer, I interviewed both Ezzy Rappeport, a senior from RMR who attended  ILTC, and Olivia Cohen, a sophomore who attended CLTC 5. I asked them why they chose to spend their summer with BBYO specifically, not other programs. Ezzy said BBYO Summer programs have always been “the most welcoming to me and the most fun,” and that he had been to a Jewish camp previously but CLTC was “1000 times better.” After attending CLTC in summer 2022, he wanted to continue his BBYO summer program journey by attending Perlman, and hence he was inspired to sign up. Olivia told me she chose BBYO over other summer programs because “it’s an organization that [she] love[s] and [is] comfortable in,” and she was encouraged to sign up from seeing other people’s stories and Instagram posts.

I asked Ezzy and Olivia what they most enjoyed from the summer. Ezzy said making new friends as well as seeing his old friends from CLTC, and Olivia said meeting new people and making “amazing memories that [she] will remember for years to come!” 

Alephs and BBGs come from across the international Order to BBYO summer programs because of its welcoming environment, ability to make friends in all corners of the world, and make incredible memories! No matter if you are attending a leadership camp or a BBYO Passport trip exploring the world, BBYO has something for everyone and summer memories that will last a lifetime!

Heather Feuerstein is a BBG from Ahavah BBG #2289 of NRE: DC Council and she loves leadership and advocacy!

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