Election Season: My Advice and Words of Wisdom to You

May 22, 2023
Sophie Schwarz

Los Angeles, California, United States

Class of 2024

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I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘shifting your mindset’ as a way to view a seemingly negative situation in a positive light. For me, running for regional board was a long and tedious experience, but it was also an important one. I learned so much from my participation in the process and by viewing the outcome in an optimistic light, I demonstrated a sense of resilience and continued dedication to BBYO and the promise to continue serving, regardless of the end result.

During this election season, I encourage you to be flexible, and take things as they come. Even if the outcome is not what you expect, remember the vast opportunities BBYO still has for you. BBYO offers a wide (and I mean WIDE!) variety of leadership experiences. On a chapter level, running for board in the following terms is a beneficial way to continue being involved, to take responsibility, and to support your chapters (as they are the backbones of your region!). Regionally, steering or coordinating a convention is a great way to demonstrate initiative and spirit. Most regions have a leadership network as well (like ILN but on a regional level!), and participating as a chair to a regional board member shows a willingness to stay involved and allows for a creative outlet. On the topic of ILN—committees, clubs, networks, and experiences provide opportunities for all BBYO members to have greater roles, and to apply their capabilities on an international level. Press Corps, whether writing articles for The Shofar, or posting on BBYO’s social media accounts, is a fantastic way to improve communication skills and share ideas and eagerness to be involved with the International Order. Find out more about ILN opportunities at https://azabbg.bbyo.org/take-action/lead!

If you revert back to an unhealthy mindset throughout this journey, remember that election outcomes are not the sole measure of your BBYO success. There are a variety of ways to make a positive impact on the community, and the potential you have to further succeed in other fields is by all means attainable! Although losing an election is challenging, it can serve as a catalyst for your growth and character. Through the election process, personal growth is evident, and the life lessons you’ve gained through the experience will most definitely be applicable in the future.

Sophie Schwarz is an BBG from D’vash BBG #956 in PWR and when she’s not reading or writing, she is baking!

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