D’vash’s 127th Term… SO FAR!

November 10, 2022
Sophie Schwarz

Los Angeles, California, United States

Class of 2024

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D’vash BBG #956, in my slightly biased opinion, is a lively and exciting chapter to be a member of. This term, its 127th term, is my second term as S’ganit, after serving as 126th N’siah and 125th S’ganit. When the graduating classes of ‘21 and ‘22 left our chapter, it was challenging to rebuild without the constant support of older, more knowledgeable members. Finally, it feels like D’vash has found stability and connection once again. 

The term began with a “welcome back” meeting for our members to recap on our summer experiences and prepare for chapter kickoff! Following that, D’vash held a candy themed chapter kickoff, with the catchphrase of our term being “Here’s to a SWEET term!”. Welcoming over 15 prospects, many new members joined the chapter soon after. 

In September, D’vash commemorated the High Holidays with a New Years Party and a celebration of our goals and ideas for the school year. 

As October rolled around, D’vash hosted a meaningful Yom Kippur program that created strong bonds between chapter members. A member of our chapter, Noa Broekman, described it as a “meaningful opportunity to understand the minds and personas of our fellow BBGs and connect on a deeper level.” For many newer members, this was one of the first opportunities to understand the siblinghood of BBG. 

On October 10th, Zion AZA #956 collaborated with D’vash to host the annual Sukkot event. The Sukkot event is a tradition that started last year, and has quickly become one of the most integral moments of the Summer/Fall term. Both chapters enjoyed the event, and over 60 members and prospects attended. 

As the term started to come to an end, D’vash had an “Education Meeting”, and taught members real-life skills they could acquire from certain board positions. For example, Lexi Gold, D’vash’s Nsiah, taught the chapter about public speaking, and leading with initiative and grace. Ella Haroush, D’vash’s Gizborit, taught the chapter about money management and budgeting for events. The week following, at the Chapter Constitution meeting, D’vash voted on legislations to amend the constitution to update it according to the needs of the chapter. 

D’vash’s major event and fundraiser of the term was the Garage Sale, where we made over $500 in profits to donate back to the chapter, as well as our Stand UP Cause. The Garage Sale was a success, and it was an exciting tradition brought back to D’vash after two years. 

Chapter Convention was another memorable experience, and D’vash’s Morah, Aliza Young, led an incredible MIT and bonding night for the chapter, as well as a PIT the following morning. 

D’vash is excited to end the 127th term on a high note with a Hanukkah party with our sister chapter (Beth Shean!), Elections, States, Installs, and Dismissals. 

Ultimately, the success of D’vash in these past few months has provided hope and happiness for the future of the chapter, and for the traditions that will be carried on for years to come. I hope that these words inspire chapters throughout the International Order who need support and encouragement. 

Sophie Schwarz is an BBG from D’vash BBG #956 in PWR and when she’s not reading or writing, she is baking!

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