Dream Team Found

December 14, 2023
Gal Rubel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2025

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Many say that the USA's 1992 Basketball team at the Olympics was the dream team. I believe we can all be part of our dream teams, even if we don’t play sports. Mine started with a brand new transfer when a new advisor joined my chapter. Her name is Sol, and I remember her as the one who invited me to BBYO; nothing more and nothing less. As my chapter was just starting, it was a rocky couple of months, and I didn't find myself in it. I loved the programs and the people, but I just felt burnt out. I attended IC with no advisors from my chapter and felt lonely when I needed somebody to rely on.

This year, after our old advisor went on to do a semester abroad, we had a new advisor join us. Her name is Luli, and she was my regional N’siah when I first joined BBYO. I saw her as a mentor and formed a friendship that we shared that year. She went to the same JCC as I did, so I saw her quite often. We even grabbed lunch together after she graduated from BBYO and went on to college. When I heard while on March of the Living that she was my advisor, I was stoked. At the time, I was running for N’siah and thought that if I won, they would be pretty great to work with.

Elections came around, and while the other candidates were running, I had a chance to be outside with Luli and talk for a brief moment. I asked her about her job and college and rambled about how nervous I was. After hearing I got the position, I received a notification: “Sol added you to N'siah + advisors.” Although my predecessor told me how important they would be, I thought we would just speak from time to time, maybe to discuss the agenda; I was wrong. Meetings went outside the agenda; we played, talked, and relied on one another. At first, I told them nothing. It was difficult to understand what I should tell them. I didn't want to seem like an overbearing person, but this strategy didn't work; they needed to know what was happening to help. 

So I started trusting more, telling more, and asking for what I thought was right, and we started to improve our relationship. We had one-on-one meetings and started to work as a team to make everything work. Months flew by, and Sol told us she was moving to do a semester abroad. I couldn't be more excited for her. 

I'm going to miss the dream team we created, the trust we have, how we solve problems, and having somebody's opinions I care so much for, but I am forever thankful for the things we did this year. They were only possible because of both of them. We made a team that could tackle any problem that faced us. I would even say better than that famous team that conquered gold, but teams change, and we will be ready to face our next challenge.

Gal is a BBG living in Buenos Aires, Argentina who is in love with outer space.

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