Burnout: When Everything Feels Optional

April 19, 2023
Hannah Stojanovski

Peoria, Arizona, United States

Class of 2023

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Put yourself in this position: you’re a senior. You’ve just committed to college or finalized your path after high school. You’re less than one month away from graduation; the finish line is so close. You’ve probably repeated this statement a couple (thousand) times in your head, “Who cares? Everything is pretty much optional at this point.”

To everyone who feels like this, you’re not alone. Trying to find the motivation to keep going feels impossible. The assignments from school are piling up and you’ve run out of reasons to do them. You must keep recruiting for BBYO so your chapter doesn’t die when you graduate. When it all adds up, it feels like you’re carrying the weight of the entire world on the brim of your graduation cap. It can feel like a lot, especially when balancing the emotions of moving on to the next chapter of your life. But when we try to just mindlessly push through things, we forget to stop and take it all in. I sit here writing this article 3 hours before the deadline and I really wish I was walking across that graduation stage. But, sometimes it’s nice to savor our lasts. Our senior lives, last convention, last prom, all these important stepping stones on our journey through life. As we look forward to a clear Canvas to-do list, it’s important we take a moment to pause a little bit beforehand and enjoy the little time we have left with those around us. Hug your BBYO friends a little tighter, say thank you to that teacher, whatever it is, and enjoy being present a little more.

As we try and rush to get to graduation, to cross that stage, receive our diplomas, and say a final farewell to high school, remember to try and take it all in. Make sure to enjoy each step of the way. Take in all the lasts and keep pushing through.

Hannah Stojanovski is a BBG from Peoria, Arizona and she is a competitive dancer.

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