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December 4, 2023
Mihaela Grigorova

Sofia, Bulgaria

Class of 2027

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Introducing ILN CLUBS! 

I have been a member of BBYO for almost three years now. I’ve met hundreds of people from all over the world experienced and planned lots and lots of programs, but my favourite thing is the International Leadership Network - one of the best opportunities in BBYO. You get to apply for committees or coordinator positions, but my personal favourite is CLUBS. Clubs are an amazing option for any new or experienced BBYO members to meet others from across the world, as they connect people with similar interests and hobbies. 

Below are the NEWEST clubs that anyone can sign up for through the ILN page. Enjoy! 

Antisemitism Response Club

Club Host: Josh Danziger, Lonestar

Formed to help Jewish teens counter increasing antisemitism by uniting members to discuss and address this issue. Focusing on tangible preparedness through training and events, the club emphasizes the importance of equipping Jewish spaces with the necessary skills to respond effectively and potentially save lives. Read more about this club on the ILN page! 

Architecture and Engineering Design

Club Host: Jordan Lustig, Greater Jersey Hudson River

Interested in learning about architectural design, structural building engineering, and urban mega projects? This club is perfect for aspiring architects and engineers or Alephs and BBGs who are simply interested in design. 

AZA History, Traditions, and Culture Club

Club Hosts: Zack Feinsand, Max Rosen, Samuel Pass, and Jordan Lustig, Greater Jersey Hudson River: Central

Alephs, this is your Club! Join us and learn about our history, traditions, and culture while sharing knowledge. In this Centennial year, let's celebrate our birthday together; let's fill On Demand with the Spirit, rituals, and what defines us in the movement.  This is a hub for people to grow closer to one another in the order.

BBYO Autism Acceptance

Club Host: Rivi Jay, South Jersey

This club is a safe, inclusive, and accepting environment for members of BBYO with Autism to be themselves, talk about their experiences on the spectrum, and make a community.

Camps Club

Club Hosts: Vera Jacobs and Ike Diamond, Lonestar; Rachel Lewin, Miami; Emma Berger, Delta

Missing Camp? This Club is your solution. Join us while we talk about camp experiences, rituals, BBYO summer opportunities, and more. Connect with Aleph’s and BBG’s around the movement, and share why camp is so special. We believe that BBYO is like a summer camp throughout the year and is a way for us to connect with our friends from far away and bond with our Jewish communities. Come discover your passion for summer camps, as we all have one, and get ready for an amazing Summer 2024.

Chess Champs Club

Club Host: Ian Szerencsy, Nassau Suffolk

Chess lover, or maybe not? Doesn't matter; This club will connect you with members around the movement who share the passion of chess. Having trainings, tournaments and matches, as well as teaching new skills for how to turn into a pro champ. Come make new friends, and have fun while making connections and improving your chess techniques and skills.

BBYO Sings Club

Club Host: Eric Hunker, BBYO Director of Music and Aleph Engagement

BBYO Sings is the place where musical leadership is fostered in BBYO. The goal is to build a cohort of musical leaders within BBYO who can lead their peers in worship, songleading, and community building through music.

Boarding School Club

Club Host: Shiraz Rothschild, Pacific Western

Go to a boarding school? Want to meet other Jewish teens attending boarding schools from across the International Order? Join the boarding school club to make friends, share your boarding school experiences, attend virtual programming, and get more involved in BBYO.

Dealing in Features Book Club

Club Host: Emily Kolodney, AZA and BBG Movement Intern

Interested in learning more about BBYO history books this Centennial year? Joining the Dealing in Futures Book Club will allow you to meet, discover and discuss different chapters of the archived BBYO books, while connecting with other Aleph's and BBG's around the movement.

Diversity Cultures Club

Club Host: Ike Diamond, Samuel Antonoff, Lonestar

The Diversity Cultures Club gives you a space to share and explore the different cultures inside Judaism. Find new passions and make new friends. Open to Jewish people of all cultures, races, and ethnicities to join.

Military Teens Club

Club Host: Ruthie Perlman, BBYO's Manager of New Chapters and Community Expansion

The Military Teens Club welcomes all Jewish teens with a parent on active duty in the U.S. military or diplomatic corps. Join the club to connect with other Jewish teens who may have similar life experiences and attend virtual programming. Our goal is to build a fun, supportive BBYO community!

Music Club

Club Host: Aaron Behar, Evergreen

Do you have a hot take? Are you a gifted musician? Join Music Club to immerse your BBYO experience with fellow music enthusiasts through discussions, talent showcases, news updates, and more! Alephs and BBGs come together to debate, discuss, talk about, showcase, and highlight music of all kinds.

Stars of the Tribe Club

Club Host: Nate Berman, Liberty

Passionate about Jewish heroes in our lives? Stars of the Tribe Club celebrates Jewish champions in sports, music, and beyond to challenge stereotypes and build Jewish pride in a time of rising antisemitism through multimedia content.

Taylor Swift Club

Club Host: Talia Septimus, Gillian Lawrence, Lonestar

If you’re a Swiftie, join this club! Meetings will include listening parties, trivia, theory sharing, analyzing lyrics, and more—a great way to make new friendships based on our shared interest.

The Drake Club

Club Host: Zach Thorner, Rocky Mountain; Evan Drazin, North Texas Oklahoma

Club dedicated to the one and only Jewish rapper, Drake. Listening to parties for past and new albums, discussing how each song impacts the music world, and having fun activities related to the singer. Join the Drake Fans around the order and foster your connections.

My name is Mihaela and I am a BBG from chapter Gideon, Bulgaria and I love cats!

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