BBYO Launches Alumni Association

February 27, 2024

Movement Updates

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This year, as part of celebrations of our Movement’s 100th anniversary, BBYO is thrilled to announce the launch of the BBYO Alumni Association. With alumni coming together this year like never before, the Association aims to establish a vibrant network of lifetime members and provide enhanced opportunities for engagement, networking, and lifelong connection with hundreds of thousands of alumni throughout the world.

The newly created Alumni Association will feature a robust digital platform on EnterpriseAlumni, the market-leading alumni engagement platform, for BBYO alumni to reconnect with friends, engage in mentorship and professional development opportunities, meet fellow alumni in their communities, and leverage each other’s expertise and networks. Through events, online forums, and exclusive resources, alumni will be able to engage with other members, both in person and digitally, long after their active participation in BBYO as teens have ended. At the same time, the Alumni Association will not only create a professional pipeline for BBYO and other Jewish communal organizations but will also offer opportunities for alumni seeking to expand and further their careers across multiple industries.

As an organization committed to fostering lifelong connections and supporting members beyond their initial engagement with us in high school, launching an Alumni Association was a natural next step for us," said Rebecca Feuerstein, Senior Director of Alumni Engagement. "We know that our alumni possess a wealth of knowledge and experiences that can continue to enrich our community, and we are excited to strengthen our vibrant and engaged alumni audience through a dedicated platform that will enable them to stay connected and collaborate for years to come.”

Access to programs and benefits will roll out over the next few months. Membership in the Association is open to all alumni of BBYO at no cost, and interested individuals can learn more through the website or contact the Alumni Association directly for more information.

Throughout the coming year, alumni, supporters, and friends can participate in BBYO’s historic Centennial anniversary by joining the Association and attending other exciting programs and events, including:

  • Reunions around the world organized by alumni in honor of BBYO's 100th birthday
  • Large-scale Centennial celebratory events for alumni and supporters in ten select cities
  • Participation in BBYO’s Centennial Campaign, an opportunity for longtime supporters to make philanthropy-defining gifts that will lead BBYO into a new century of impact, with a goal of securing commitments of $200 million by June 2025

Learn more about the new Alumni Association, and sign up to be notified of the platform’s full launch this spring, by visiting

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