BBYO in a Playlist

December 18, 2020
Aliyah Schwarz

Dallas, Texas, United States

Class of 2021

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Music defines almost everything. It can change the way we see the world and often influences new behaviors. The words and melodies heard through songs, can also impact our emotions and help us see the world through different sets of eyes. It has personally gotten me through tough times of my life and helped me create a more positive mindset. I think music and song sessions are one of the most important aspects of conventions and chapter programming since the whole community comes together to share something so beautiful; a love for BBYO, and for each other. Aside from the prayer songs, sung during Havdalah and Shira, the other tunes such as One Day typically resemble and embody the delight BBYO brings to many of us. When I listen to the songs in this playlist, I reminisce my love for BBYO, what it has done for me, and how much I will miss all the amazing memories and experiences next year.

BBYO in a Playlist

Songs and Connection to BBYO

“Good To Be Alive” (Hallelujah) - Andy Grammer - This song is all about being lost and finding a place. For me along with many others, BBYO helped me find who I am and gave me a sense of “hallelujah.” It pulled me out of my shell and brought me true friends and relationships that will last forever.

“I Lived” - OneRepublic - Senior lives and graduation are always such sad times in BBYO life because new alumni have lived and seen everything there is to see upon graduating and are ready to move on to college and the real world with the luck and support of BBYO.

“Coming Home” - Sheppard - This song easily represents all BBYO members, both near and far, coming together again at the yearly International Convention, summer programs, and reuniting at “home.”

“When Can I See You Again?” - Owl City -  This is a song about a fun time that will be missed such as summer programs and International Convention. It relates to reuniting later after these programs and never losing contact.

“Some Things Never Change” - Frozen 2 - This song is cute and cheesy, and it represents every time seniors graduate from BBYO, they always “hold on tight” to the precious memories made here. Even though BBYO is an ever-changing organization, “some things stay the same, though the future remains unknown.”

“Best Day of My Life” - American Authors - I think this song well represents 8th graders and new members realizing how great BBYO is after their first program only to come back to the next program for more!

“More Than a Band” - Lemonade Mouth - Sisterhood and brotherhood are the most important aspects of the organization and all BBYO members see BBYO as more than just a Jewish youth group, but as a close-knit family and support group to lean back on.

“Brave” - Sara Bareilles - MITs and AITs learning ways of BBYO, moving on to do amazing things, and being “brave” under the direction of upperclassmen and advisors, especially the leadership of Morim, embodies how amazing the organization is and how much members grow from beginning to end.

“Go Big or Go Home” - American Authors - Making the most of your time in BBYO, running for boards, going to every convention, becoming a leader, taking every opportunity thrown at you, and truly going big with everything you do is important to fully experience and love your time in the organization.

“Count on Me” - Bruno Mars - This song is cliche, but I think it really describes the way BBYO members can meet, build an instant friendship, and can always count on one another at all times no matter the distance or situation.

Aliyah Schwarz is a BBG from North Texas Oklahoma and loves travelling, seeing live music and Disneyworld.

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