BBG and BBYO Separates

February 18, 2023
Maren Hettler

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Class of 2025

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On Friday night, BBGs and BBYO members were able to attend one of seven Separates experiences. 

BBGs explored the bonds between BBGs from across the Order in “BBG Traditions—Celebrating Our Sisterhood” by learning about traditions like cheers and the Red Book. In another Separates experience, they were able to create a time capsule filled with stories for future BBGs. In “The BBG Journey, Past, Present, and Future,” BBGs were able to write letters to their future selves. Meanwhile, in “The Power of You, Me, and BBG,” BBGs explored their identities inside and outside of BBYO. They decorated mirrors and reflected on their strengths and weaknesses. 

“Overcoming Adversity Together” helped teens let go of their insecurities by placing an anonymous note in a balloon and giving it to another sibling. The notes contained encouragement and tips to deal with stress. In “The Sounds of Our Siblinghood,” teens explored their similarities and differences anonymously. After breaking into small groups, they were able to create an even closer bond and finished the program with a song session. “The Threads of Our Movement” allowed teens to reflect on how BBYO memories have shaped their identities.

Separates contrasts the excitement of International Convention with meaningful and reflective experiences. Teens left Separates feeling more connected to other members from across the Order.

Maren Hettler is a BBG from Nona Bloch Salomon in NTO and she loves olives!

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