Away From Home for Two Months

March 3, 2021
Zoe Green-Mizel

Los Angeles, California, United States

Class of 2023

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If you have ever met or talked to me and asked me “what do you like to do in your free time?” I say surf. I love to surf. I may not be great, and I can’t do any cool tricks or anything like that, but surfing is my escape. When my mom told me we were going to live in Laguna Beach for a bit, I was over the moon. Since I was completely virtual in terms of school, I was able to do all my courses from the beach; I was, and still am, in heaven.

I was also in a time of really bad mental health; I had just lost an election that meant the world to me at the time. I am someone who likes to have my life planned out, and this definitely ruined my plans. Something that I worked a year and a half for was gone, and I was devastated. I stopped going to chapter meetings and isolated myself from the chapter completely. I am still coming to terms with the loss, go ahead and call me a sore loser, but it was hard. I was also dealing with boy drama (ew), which was so stupid. PSA: your love life does not define you. That took me a long time to learn. But then I had the other issues I was dealing with, so this move could not have come at a better time, to be honest.

Being on the beach and being able to just go out and surf, whenever I want, has actually improved my mental health. For example, in about 20-30 minutes, I will probably be heading out to the ocean because I have been working all day. It's a stressful time; school, BBYO work, and IC just ended, which I spent countless hours planning events for. That is my escape. There's also the fact that the simple change of a location can make you feel better, almost like you are on vacation. Now before you come after me, I am an hour drive from my house, I only go out to get food, and I wear a mask. So, this is a COVID-free zone.

Me doing IC by the beach.

I have definitely felt changes in my mental health. I have been happier most days, especially around the water. Going on walks in the dark by the ocean just feels right. The sunsets are just magnificent and beautiful, and I feel at home. It's not as busy as L.A, which I enjoy greatly. It's a breath of fresh air that I didn't know I needed. It is a place where I can climb onto my roof and look at the stars in silence and meditate. Yes, I meditated for the first time.

I went home for three days this week. It was really stressful for some reason. I felt like I had double the responsibilities, even though I have the same amount of work here, maybe even more. Just being back felt uncomfortable in many ways. It was like I had gotten so used to this life that being back home did not feel like my home. I couldn’t just suit up and run out to the ocean like there's no tomorrow. I looked out my window and there were trees instead of sand. I just felt sad, maybe even a bit depressed. I know I  have to go back for good soon, I just am not ready yet.

Being in a new location has made me feel better, mentally and even physically. What I recommend is even just try doing your classes in a new spot; it feels cool; it feels nice. Maybe go to a park to do school, or to do your homework. Maybe don’t do a class in bed, or do a class in bed! Just do what makes you feel at home, and what gives you happiness. So, what have I learned from being away for two months? Well, I found my happy place, but I also learned a lot about myself and what gives me mental and physical joy, even though I will be going back soon.

A pretty sunset picture that I took.

Zoe Green is a BBG from Pacific Western Region and she loves playing drums.

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