And So It All Begins, the Season and Their Career

November 6, 2018
Sydney Jacobs

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Class of 2020

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October is not just a month for canadian thanksgiving, fall colours and halloween, but it's also the start of the hockey season. This month, we take a look back at the fresh players to the league  and the rookies who have stepped up and representing their team well.

Personally the name Rasmus Dahlin has been one that I have heard a lot of people talking about. The Swedish born hockey player was drafted first overall last year to the Buffalo Sabres. In 6 games Dahlin only has 2 points, which to most is quite shocking. However his play on the ice is clearly not being reflected by his points he has amasses. Dahlin is able to play as if he has been in the league for years.

Heading north of the border to Vancouver we have Elias Pettersson, a 19-year-old from Sweden. Drafted fifth overall in the 2017 draft this Swede has been showing his skills on the ice and is evident in his points he's gotten so far this season. In 5 games, he has racked up 8 points from 5 goals and 3 assists. However it seems as if Peterson's skills will be put on hold for the next little while after Michael Matheson of Florida hits Peterson leaving him with a suspected concussion.

The Montreal Canadians have been off to a controversial start to their season, a team that was strong with some players like P.K Subban and Max Pacioretty were gaining the ranks, but it seems as if this has all slowly been slipping over the years and crashed this season. However rookie Jesperi Kotkaniemi has surprised many fans with his unexpected talent. The 18 year old from Finland has 2 points from his 2 assists so far this season. Drafted third overall in 2018. His points may not show his potential but it's evident that the Canadians made the right choice by choosing the Finish. His hockey sense, skill and defensive awareness is some that is not seen typically by rookies fresh to the national hockey league.

Personally my favorite Rookie to hit the ice this season is Gritty of Philadelphia. Gritty doesn't have any goals however the newly introduced mascot has certainly been a crowd pleaser. Gritty has been on The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America. He's accumulated over 138k followers on twitter in less than 2 months. I still believe that SWOOP is the best mascot in Philadelphia and in sports but gritty is pulling the ranks behind Swoop and carlton the bear.  

At the end of October the 4 teams leading their divisions are Toronto Maple Leafs for the Atlantic division, Carolina Hurricanes for the metropolitan division, Nashville Predators for the central division and lastly the Vancouver Canucks for the Pacific division.

Sydney Jacobs is a BBG from Lake Ontario Region who enjoys playing competitive hockey.

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