An Interview With the Incoming Grand Aleph Godol

March 24, 2022
Sarah Eisenberg

East Meadow, New York, United States

Class of 2022

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Prior to the International Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, I reached out to a friend of mine from CLTC and Kallah. I wanted to interview a senior member, one dedicated to BBYO. I asked Levi Fox, a senior from Lonestar Region, if he’d answer some questions I had from his perspective as a senior and aleph. A week or so after the interview, to my surprise, Levi was announced as a candidate for Grand Aleph Godol, and a few days later: he was elected. 

For as long as I’ve known him Levi has been a great person and a wonderful friend. I’m honored to have been able to interview him. 


What is one thing that your region does that you think is unique/special?

One thing that Lonestar does that is unique, while not exclusive, is our regional board terms begin and end in the Winter. It always becomes a topic of discussion between people in other regions that are Spring regions and divulges into the subject of which one is better and why. I always found it interesting and, personally, I enjoy being a Winter region.

What was your first international experience, if any; why do you think the international movement is important, alongside grassroots in regions and chapters?

My first international experience was CLTC 7 way back in 2019. Going on CLTC cemented the idea in my head that this Movement is able to truly make an impact on the globe. That what starts at this Movement can truly change the world for the better. The Movement at large is hugely important. Without it, none of us would have the platform to spread messages of change to the world.

What’s chapter are you in and what do you love most about your chapter?

I hail from Jack Lubel AZA #2092 in Houston, Texas (Lonestar. Not NTO.).I have always felt at home in my chapter. I truly believe that each chapter seems to attract its own group of personalities and I love every Aleph that’s in my chapter. They are a second family to me and there is no other chapter I’d rather be in.

How did you become a part of BBYO?

Siblings. Ah yes. The story is told by every Aleph & BBG. My mom woke me up early one Sunday and told me I had to go join a “thing” my two older sisters were in. I could not have imagined then what this organization would bring me. Ever since then, I haven’t looked back. I truly love this organization and love what we can accomplish together.

When did you become a BBG/Aleph in your heart?

Oy. Good question. I would have to say at our regional convention back in 2019. My chapter was in a ballroom of a hotel and we were talking. We were talking about the impact we can have if only we delve into BBYO. I talked briefly about wanting to be on the chapter board. The rest of the chapter cheered me on and ever since then, I have felt at home with my family of brother, sister, and sibling Alephs and BBGs.

What message do you want to pass to future members of BBYO?

I want to pass the idea that if you become a member of BBYO, and not just registering to be in BBYO, but being an active member by attending chapter experiences and exploring new ideas, BBYO is truly a place that can change your life. The experiences you will have at BBYO will truly form you into a better person and prepare you for life after BBYO.

What can be improved in chapters/regions/internationally/BBYO as a whole? 

Communication! Especially among Alephs, we don’t talk about how much we love BBYO outside of BBYO. We have to normalize inviting people to chapter programming at school in the hallways, texting on a Tuesday night, and truly becoming a community.

 What will you never forget about BBYO?

The people. Those you meet at BBYO will become some of your best friends. Your cheerleaders. Your supporters. Your lifeline. I will never forget those that created this path before me and I can’t begin to imagine what those ahead of us are able to accomplish.

While I am a senior, about to graduate, and about to say my last “Eternally submitted with undying love and devotion,” I can’t wait to see what Levi and all members of BBYO will accomplish next year, and the year after, and after, and so on. 

Sarah Eisenberg is a BBG from Masada BBG #1519 in New York, and she is a big Disney fan and loves to write and take photos.

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