All Aboard the Dallas Bus Tour!

February 27, 2023
Maya Stone

New York, New York, United States

Class of 2024

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All Aboard a Dallas Bus Tour!

The Sunday Sightseeing provided the opportunity to take a Bus tour throughout the city of Dallas. To start out the morning, we got to learn a little bit about how the trolley works and a little bit about its history of it. It was so cool to learn more about trolleys through one of the mechanics working at the headquarters area. The mechanic gave us the opportunity to see how the trolley works. Following, we even got to ride the trolley up to where we ate lunch!

The place where we ate was called Honest Taco. It reminded me of taste testing because of all the different taco types and flavors. The taco filled with corn was definitely the spiciest, but the chicken taco was my favorite. It was so to meet so many new people from different regions and in all different grades. On the tables, they also had different types of salsa and guacamole.

After lunch, we drove to the John F. Kennedy memorial sight and saw exactly where he died. This was so cool, especially since growing up, I have always loved going to DC and visiting all the memorials to learn more about their story. 

Driving through the city, we passed some of the big art centers as we came towards Main Street. We had the opportunity to walk around the town and explore. There were a bunch of small shops and places for food and dessert. On the way back to the bus, we decided to try the ice cream shop across the street. There were so many flavors, but me being the picky eater I am, I had to go with vanilla ice cream in a waffle.

Sightseeing has definitely been one of my favorite days of the International Convention, and I can’t wait for next year. 

Maya Stone is BBG living in New York and loves to read.

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