A Virtual Interview with Jared Goldsmith

February 14, 2021
Julia Daitz

New York City, New York, United States

Class of 2022

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International Conventions LEADS day was once again an enormous success filled with programs for all interests. The last program of LEADS day on Friday evening featured an exclusive interview with Jared Goldsmith, a Broadway actor best known for his role as Jared Kleinman in Dear Evan Hansen. With a turnout of over 250 people, this program was definitely a popular one. As I and my fellow interviewer Jessica Ilin began our conversation with him, the performer within him quickly came out through his confidence and charisma. Jared was incredibly bubbly and kind and his overall enthusiasm made the program so engaging. 

Jared shared stories about growing up in New Jersey and slowly discovering his passion for musical theatre and performing and eventually studying Musical theatre at Elon University.  His career began with commercials and voice overs, notably in Blue’s Clues. His sister was interested in the arts as well so he began booking gigs at a young age. He was raw and honest with us explaining that his success did not only come from talent but also luck and connections, however in no way diminishing his hard work. 

We also got an insight into his future plans, as he hinted that many projects were coming soon. Jared announced that he would be releasing original music in the next few months. We also discussed his recent Tik Tok fame where he has gained popularity for covering popular and trending songs and adding a Broadway twist to them.

Jared most importantly shared with us the role that Judaism has played throughout his life and career. Jews have played a huge role in Broadway over the course of the years which was a big motivator for Jared. He also explained that he was able to maintain his Judaism on tour. His Jewish pride was extremely heartening and inspiring. All in all, Jared was an amazing guest who provided us with laughs and inspiration and I must admit we were absolutely starstruck.

Julia Daitz is a BBG from Manhattan Region and loves to play guitar, write articles, Taylor Swift, and keeping up with current events!

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