A Viewpoint on Distance Learning

April 10, 2020
Benji Lookatch

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Class of 2021

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Slow WiFi, no Zoom calls, power outages, not going outside, distractions everywhere. These are many things that challenged me every day in the first week of distance learning. Yes, everyone says, “you’ll get used to it,” but I won’t.

Having ADD, I tend to get off track and waste time doing other things like watching Youtube and going on my phone. Unlike in person, I would have had my phone taken away by the teacher and would have a better understanding of the subject by them explaining it.

Online, I have to learn by myself, and that factors in a feeling of confusion. Many of my classes have help forms, and that helps with technical issues, while other problems in self-teaching are harder to solve.

One thing I do love about this learning is the daily video walkthrough my teachers make to explain how to do the assignments. Other teachers make slideshows to show us their life indoors and their families. I wish my school were having daily Zoom calls so I could see my friends and kids my age.

I know everyone is doing distance learning a little differently, and I hope in the coming weeks it gets more comfortable for all of us students and teachers.

Benji Lookatch is an Aleph from Wisconsin Region and a drummer.

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