A Round of Applause for Advisors!!

March 6, 2023
Rose Gallatin

West Bloomfield, MI, USA

Class of 2023

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March - one of the longest months of the year; there’s juniors preparing for the SAT, seniors nearing the end of high school, election season approaching worldwide, and so much more. So I know what you may be thinking: what else is there to look forward to this month? 

Well I’ve got the perfect answer for you…


Across all of BBYO, March is the month dedicated to appreciating the many volunteer advisors who help enable teen leaders to strengthen our Order and to help build it into what it is today. While we should appreciate them ALL YEAR ROUND, there are so many things you can do this month in particular to show your advisor the love and recognition they always deserve.

Soooooooo without further ado… here are my top 4 ways to show YOUR advisor appreciation this March!!

#1: Message Mania!
Messaging your advisor can go a much longer way than most might think. Whether it’s a text message with some fun emojis (here are my faves: 🥰🥳💗) or a special phone call, individual messages can do a TON to show your advisor how much you appreciate and value them. Things like these will have some of the longest lasting impact on advisors as it is something they will likely remember forever! That one text or phone call is so simple and is one of the best ways to celebrate those who help support us!

#2: Gifts Galore!

Getting something tangible to give to your advisors is such a fun and individualized way to appreciate them! From flowers to food, the possibilities are simply endless. Some things to know when thinking of a great gift are their favorite color, some things they enjoy, favorite foods, and practically anything they’d love! Still not sure what to do?? Here is an example:

A gift to my advisor from a past Advisor Appreciation Month

You can either work with members of your chapter to purchase a chapter gift or gift something from you only. Nonetheless, gifts are always a fun and special idea and are valued endlessly by advisors! Giving Gifts AND Giving Thanks: What could be better??!

#3: Book Bonus!

A super creative idea for all of the artsy folks in the crowd. You can gather a boatload of pictures and make a scrapbook for your advisor. This can consist of pictures from events, handwritten messages from members, and soooooo much more. A gift like this is one so unique and one that shows how much you care about and love your advisor for all they do!!

#4: Social Media Shoutouts!

I can say without a doubt that ALL of us are on at least one platform of social media, and I’m equally as confident that we utilize social media almost every day!! So what better a way to give our advisors recognition than by using a method that we are all EXPERTS in?! From an Instagram post, a Tiktok compilation of pictures and videos, and so much more, the ability to use social media to appreciate our advisors is limitless. 

Do you believe me now??

There is so much we can do this month (and all the time) to appreciate our advisors, as they’re the ones that help bring our chapters and our regions to life! From helping out at programs to being an additional support system in and out of BBYO, there is simply too much to appreciate about our advisors to keep it within just one month. With that said, it is equally as important to show our advisors this appreciation ALL year! So I guess I have one thing left to say... HAPPY ADVISOR APPRECIATION MONTH!

Rose is a BBG from Michigan and she loves to sing.

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