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A Normal Day on Ambassadors to Argentina

November 12, 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ambassadors to Argentina is the definition of adventure.

We started the day by going into the rainforest where we had a beautiful hike through the Misiones Jungle and learned about some tree species. We enjoyed the different tranquility of the air and could hear every leaf rustle and bird chip.

Later that day, we headed for a zip line where each of us enjoyed the fascinating experience of flying like a bird through the jungle! Rappel was the next experience we were challenged to, consisting of climbing down a natural wall 20 meters high. If I had to choose two words to describe these special moments they would be fun and adrenaline. We had lunch break back at the hotel (milanesas, Argentina’s typical food!) and enjoyed more bonding time and rest together as a group.

Later in the afternoon, we went for a boat trip to the triple frontier where we cruising the Parana River on the border of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. We enjoyed live music and a fantastic view of our surroundings. We ended the day by going back to the hotel, eating dinner, and spending some time with our new friends and family. It was definitely a great day!

Want every day of your summer to be like this? Sign up for Ambassadors to Argentina next summer.

Valen Kalejman is a BBG from Argentina who loves to dance.

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