A "Byte" Sized Recap: NTO's 2023 Regional Convention

December 19, 2023
Evan Drazin

Dallas, Texas, United States

Class of 2025

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This past weekend proved to be an unforgettable experience for members from North Texas and Oklahoma who gathered for a weekend brimming with activities such as separates, AZAA/BBGG, and a plethora of engaging events.

The festivities commenced with Friday night services led by the Judaic Enrichment steering team. Following the spiritual gathering, a delightful dinner unfolded, providing a conducive environment for the delivery of the State of the Region. Parents and various esteemed guests graced the occasion, adding to the ambiance of the engaging awards ceremony. This ceremony served as a platform to showcase and commend the outstanding work accomplished by the dedicated teens throughout the year.

As the night unfolded, the energy remained vibrant, with teens actively participating in separates and inductions. The dawn of the following morning ushered in a new day filled with multiple Saturday service options for the teens. Subsequently, they immersed themselves in AZA and BBG boot camps, each tailored to their respective needs. Later in the day, teens reconvened to glean insights from speaker panels and explore the diverse offerings at the Global Fair. Following these activities, the teens relished in chofesh, allowing them a well-deserved break to socialize and unwind.

The night continued with a highlight in the form of a silent disco, expertly DJ’d by the 99th Grand Aleph S’gan, Jordan Feldman. To bring the night to a triumphant close, the group boarded buses and headed to a local sports complex. There, they engaged in the spirited annual AZAA/BBGG tournament, witnessing Morton Arthur Lewis AZA claim the basketball crown and Fannie Sablosky BBG secure the volleyball championship.

The subsequent morning dawned with a sense of purpose as Alephs and BBGs convened for a business meeting. Shortly after, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation as elections for the 40th Regional Board unfolded. With the conclusion of the elections, the teens, parents, and guests came together for the momentous installation ceremony of the 40th Regional Board. The weekend, filled with camaraderie, achievements, and shared experiences, concluded on a high note, leaving indelible memories for all who attended.

Evan Drazin is an Aleph from Dallas, Texas, and is an avid backpacker!

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