5 Netflix Series to Bring You Out of Boredom

February 17, 2021
Sara Lechter

Bogota, Colombia

Class of 2023

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Imagine that it’s a rainy day, you are at home, and have nothing to do. You get hungry so you search for food and decide to get comfy and start looking for something to watch on Netflix. Unfortunately, nothing catches your eye. To combat this ever-growing problem of choice-fatigue, today I am going to recommend 5 shows that will probably catch keep you entertained during days of quarantine, 

1. Unorthodox

Unorthodox is a German series that tells the story of Esther Shapiro, a young Jewish woman who leaves her husband and her family in Brooklyn for the opportunity to have her own independence in Berlin. This show is a drama with religion and faith at the forefront, and it offers a new take on what it means to be Jewish. 

2. Typewriter

If you’re a fan of scary movies and television shows, this Indian series is for you. It is a scary series set in India that follows a group of three young friends who have fun playing ghost hunting. One day they decide to look for a ghost in an abandoned mansion that is said to be haunted. The game continues until a family moves into this old village. From this moment on, strange things begin to happen: deaths that seem unrelated, thunderous noises, presences in the middle of the night… It will be 4 hours of terror at most...

3. Biohackers

Set in the city of Freiburg, the show introduces us to a character named Mía Akerlund, a first-semester university student who just wants to meet her biology professor. It has come to her attention that her biology professor is linked to the death of her brother. 

4. Queen's Gambit

The Queen's Gambit chronicles the misadventures of Harmon's life from his childhood in an orphanage to his struggle with sedatives and alcohol addiction all while having great success in chess. 

5. The Society

The Society is a drama that centers on a group of young people who are faced with the strange disappearance of their parents in New England. The group has to find out what happened to them and find their way back home. The biggest rival for the group is the handsome and ambitious Harry.

Sara Lechter is a BBG from Colombia who loves to dance and watch movies with her friends.

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