19 Reasons to Apply for IC 2019 Chapter Programming Showcase

November 28, 2018
International Leadership Network

Aleph Zadik Aleph & B'nai B'rith Girls

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International Convention 2019 Showcase is an opportunity to highlight the best programs that the Order has to offer. We’re looking to include programs from all different backgrounds, cultures, traditions, and messages!

So why should you apply for your program to be included? We’re so glad you asked...

1. Show the world how awesome your chapter is!

This is your chance to show the International Order what your chapter has been up to. We want to see all of the awesome programming you have been working on. Show us what you’ve got!

2. Get a feel for running a program large-scale!

Showcase is an amazing opportunity to adapt your programs for a larger audience and to lead them for a new group of people. This valuable experience can be very beneficial in helping your chapters and regions thrive throughout the year. “Last year’s IC Showcase experience really helped me get the confidence to lead at the international level,” Ellie Zeppelin from Rocky Mountain Region said.

3. Celebrate your hard work!

This is your chance to show off everything you’ve been dedicating your time and efforts towards! You deserve to be rewarded and we can’t wait to celebrate your amazing programming together!

4. Involve yourself on the International level!

Showcase is a great way to take on a role within the global BBYO community and demonstrate what you’ve got! Being involved on the International level is an experience you definitely don’t want to miss out on! You only have five years of BBYO—make it count!

5. Send a message!

Do you have something important that you want to share with the International community? This is your chance! Take advantage of this unique platform to raise awareness of a cause or spread a message from your chapter to the entire Order. “I got to share an issue I was passionate about and express it to many others around the world through fun, interactive exercises,” Simon Coffsky from Greater Atlanta Region said.

6. Have a ton of fun!

From planning to executing your program, Showcase will be fun from start to finish! You will work with awesome people to create the best programming for this year’s convention in Denver. These will be memories you will treasure forever and we can guarantee lots of laughter and friendships along the way.

7. Set the standard for programming worldwide!

The programs selected for IC Showcase will not only shape programming in North America but also programming in countries around the world. Following IC, all of the Showcase programs will be released as a resource for communities across the Order. Showcase houses some of the top programs BBYO has ever seen, setting the bar for elevated experiences.

8. Make new friends across the Order!

While working to create the best programming for IC, you’ll meet tons of fun and creative people from all over the world and make lifelong friends along the way. The International community is a collection of cool and friendly people all waiting to help!

9. Grants!

Participating in Showcase will enable your chapter to win up to $250 in grants so be sure to give it your all and put your best programming on display! This is an opportunity you definitely don’t want to miss out on and could help shape your chapter’s future!

10. Inspire others!

The best kind of program will leave people thinking. You have the power to motivate teens to do something! Francie Benjamin from GJHRR attended a Showcase program last year that inspired her to make a change in her life. “Last year, the Showcase program I attended made me become more in touch with who I am and more confident in myself,” Benjamin said.

11. Make a change!

Is there a cause you care deeply about? Motivate teens to lend helping hands on a community service project. Show the Order what you are passionate about and we will get on board to make a change.

12. Take a stand!

Do you want to shed light on certain injustices or social issues? Your program can open the eyes of teens from across the globe and all it takes is one application. Rally up support for a topic most people don’t know much about!

13. Gain valuable feedback from your peers!

Through the multitude of fresh perspectives, Chapter Showcase will give you insight to take back home with you. Discover what works well in other regions. Learn how to plan for all different audiences. Expand and enhance your programming skills. “[Showcase] was an amazing way to be able to inspire over 90 people from all over the world during my program and get their feedback after,” Kaitlyn Goldstein from Mid-America Region said.

14. Be a pioneer in Showcase’s first year of having both Separates and General Programming!

This is the first time ever that General Programs AND Separates will be combined at IC! That’s right! Both types of programs are welcome and we want great representation from both categories. You will even be able to say that your program was featured in the very first year of combined Showcase!

15. See your impact on others!

This is an amazing opportunity to positively impact others in BBYO. There is no better feeling than seeing smiles around the room or teens leaving inspired because of your program.

16. Take a risk!

You never know until you try. Submit a program (we bet it’s awesome) and see how it goes. We won’t let you fail and you can learn a lot about yourself through this impactful process. Step outside of your comfort zone, and get ready to run an awesome program.

17. Learn from the best!

You will work with the programming pros from across the Order to make your idea turn into a reality!

“I got to learn from leaders from around the world such as the current Grand Aleph Godol and Grand Aleph S’gan who helped me through the process of programming for this program,” Coffsky said. “I got to share an issue I was passionate about and express it to many others around the world through fun, interactive exercises.”

18. Make new traditions!

The impact you can make and the traditions you can begin will transcend IC. Those attending will bring core ideas from your program back with them to their home chapters/regions! Start a chain reaction at IC and build something that will be run across the globe.

19. Make it your turn!

International Convention is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; don’t waste it! Take advantage of our movement’s biggest moment yet and help us shape the future of BBYO.

So, what are you waiting for? Applications are due on Sunday, December 2. Apply now!

Still not convinced? Email sgan@bbyo.org and sganit@bbyo.org with any questions!

This post was written by the IC 2019 Programming Admins: Alex Schiff, Alysha Bold, Emily Char, and Jack Warshal.

All views expressed on content written for The Shofar represent the opinions and thoughts of the individual authors. The author biography represents the author at the time in which they were in BBYO.

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