12 Things to Know Before You Go on CLTC!

December 13, 2022
Abby Sussman

Old Bethpage, New York, United States

Class of 2025

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  1. You will meet your best friends.
  2. Make the best of the experience, because it feels like it ends instantly when you’re having the best time.
  3. Bring a fan with you. The cabins don’t have any ac so it gets humid inside with about 15 people in each cabin.
  4. Take as many pictures and videos as you can.
  5. Make sure someone in your session brings a hammock (or bring one yourself).
  6. There are only 2 outlets per 4 people so bring an extension cord.
  7. Talk to everyone, you don't know who will become your best friends.
  8. Bring a speaker, music brings people together.
  9. Shabbat is going to be your favorite part of CLTC. 
  10. Bring regional clothes that you don’t like and trade with different people because they might like something you don’t like, and you can get something they have from their region.
  11. Only 3 people to a hammock or else they're all gonna be gone by the second day
  12. Bring options for shabbat because it’s always hard to choose what to wear.

Abby Sussman is a BBG from NSR.

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