Start the Centennial Celebration in Your Community

At the beginning of each school semester, tens of thousands of Jewish teens from hundreds of communities around the world plan big, epic Kickoff events to welcome members into AZA and BBG. From boat cruises to pool parties to mega-dances, everyone is celebrating that BBYO is back in action.

This year, Kickoff events will mark the beginning of BBYO's 100th anniversary celebration year. Deck out your event with BBYO Centennial branding—we want every Jewish teen around the world to know about this historic milestone.

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Kickoff experiences should give new members a taste of BBYO and excite current members for the year ahead.

In planning, it's important to think beyond just a cool event idea—what is your hosting strategy? What does follow up look like? How are you elevating the space? Explore resources to make your event shine.

Event Ideas

  • Sunset Boat Cruise

  • Dance Party at Exclusive Venue

  • Picnic in the Park

  • Arcade and Game Night

  • Private Concert with a Local Band or DJ

  • Baseball Game

  • Campfire by the Lake

  • Field Day with Sports and Stations

  • Block Party

  • Trivia Night

  • Chapter Showcase


Explore share squares, flyer templates, Instagram story graphics, and more to let everyone in your community know about your Kickoff event. Add your event information and go crazy posting and sharing.

Every BBYO community has access to BBYO's Canva Team. Contact your Regional Mazkirm or Staff to get access.

Explore Tools

Hosting Tips

Make the Invitation Memorable

  • Set up in a park or by a food truck, and invite folks to drop by to say hello and ask questions about BBYO—where you can distribute invitations to Kickoff and other goodies.

  • Have a special swag item for every teen. Encourage them to wear it to Kickoff. Have staff or advisors drop off swag packs at doors, or coordinate pick-ups from a central location.

  • Send packages with Kickoff supplies and treats in advance to prospects.

  • Have a celebrity invite prospects and members to Kickoff via Cameo (or surprise drop a message during the event itself).

  • Build excitement during registration with an Instagram Live.

Be an Excellent Onsite Host

  • When breaking down into groups, assign teens to smaller groups with individuals outside their best friend group.

  • Every prospect should have a member host to take them through the experience.

  • Offer a simultaneous “Taste of BBYO” micro-program for parents.

  • Tag prospects on Instagram (from your personal or regional account) so they can re-post from the experience. They may be connected to other teens who are not yet involved.

  • Host a special pre-experience for any first time event attendees

Follow Up Quickly

  • Prospects should never leave an event empty-handed: send them home with a gift bag, or creative gift that they can continue to add to at successive chapter programs (e.g. a necklace with a charm for each program).

  • Let the prospect know you’re thinking about them. Immediately add them to chapter group chats. Follow them on social media.

  • Mail or drop off handwritten letters, thank you notes, gift cards, or other goodies.

  • Do staff or advisor “doorgrams” where staff or advisors drop by to say hello, introduce themselves, share about BBYO, and drop off a region or chapter-specific gift.

Calendar Distribution

One of the most important parts of your Kickoff experience is sharing your Regional and Chapter calendars with new members, prospects, and parents. As we say in BBYO, Strong Calendaring Drives Healthy Membership. If you want to see these attendees again, they need to know what's coming up! Give members and prospects the chance to plan ahead and prioritize BBYO throughout the semester.

Calendar TemplatesChapter Calendar Planner


Need a little extra funding to make a splash with your event? Explore the current program funding opportunities available on BBYO's Grant hub.

Program Grants

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Featured Kickoff Tools

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BBG Bid Cards

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