AZA & BBG begin with members.

In AZA and BBG, we want you to take the reins and lead. As a member-led organization, we have teens at the front of the room and behind the scenes taking on leadership roles—from committees to elected positions—to support their chapter, council, region, country, and the entire International Order. From coordinating a BBYO Summer Experience, supporting a campaign or initiative, running fundraisers for the International Service Fund (ISF) or steering at International Convention, you can find the right way to use your strengths to make AZA and BBG stronger.

AZA and BBG are strengthened by the active participation of all Alephs and BBGs. It is every member’s right to utilize AZA and BBG to their full capacity, whether by attending programs, assisting in event planning, inviting other Jewish teens to get involved, or by serving as active members of the Jewish community.


Since the founding of AZA, Alephs have congregated in chapters. As AZA and BBG expanded, chapters organized geographically into councils and regions, or countries, broadening their community, deepening their connection, and strengthening their programming, athletic leagues, and conventions.

The following structure has been developed over time to maximize each Aleph’s and BBG's opportunity for involvement.


The smallest, most personal, and most important group within AZA and BBG is the chapter. Every member of AZA and BBG belongs to a chapter and each chapter functions much like a large family. Chapters plan programs geared toward the interests of their current and prospective members and train new members in the traditions of AZA and BBG. A chapter’s small size allows for the development of strong bonds between its members. Chapters are where you have meetings, plan programs, and hang with Jewish teens in your town. Each chapter has a leadership board elected every six-months or annually by its members.

AZA and BBG count more than 725 chapters across the world, and there is one for everyone. If you're from North America, find your chapter by searching your zip code here and if you're from Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, or Australia, email us and we'll connect you to a chapter. If you want to start a new chapter, see how in the link below.

Start a Chapter


In large geographical areas, several chapters may be grouped into a council (and multiple councils within one region) to allow for greater interaction between members. Councils provide additional leadership opportunities and make communities of chapters more manageable. 

Regions and Countries

AZA and BBG chapters and councils in the same geographical area are organized into regions. Regions vary in size from one large city to several states, provinces, or entire/multiple countries. Regions most commonly bring chapters together for conventions where they can exchange ideas, socialize, compete, and work together on larger projects. Regions exist to serve the chapters and to help them in any way possible. 

International Order

The International Order includes all levels of AZA and BBG. On the International Level, every council, region, and country are represented by the AZA and BBG International Board, a body of twelve elected teens supporting and training their local counterparts. Additional opportunities exist for Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls to serve the International Order via the International Leadership Network (ILN).

Common Leadership Positions

At the chapter, council, regional, and International level, Alephs and BBGs are represented by elected board members who serve a six-month or one-year term. All of these elected positions roll up into a counterpart network, a group of Alephs and BBGs that share the same responsibilities to their communities in terms of projects. The twelve Alephs and BBGs elected to International Board manage a counterpart network that they get to know and support throughout the year.

Click on each position to learn about these roles and access network specific resources.

Additional Leadership Positions

Many chapters, councils, and regions have additional leadership positions to fit their needs. Each of these positions is a part of one of the six networks above.

Aleph Zadik Aleph

B'nai B'rith Girls