PRE-IC Experiences


Annual Meetings to Drive Our Movement Forward

This year, we are offering three special gatherings ahead of IC including February Executives Conference, the Inaugural Global Leadership Forum, and IC Advance Week. Learn more about these three gatherings below.

The Pre-IC experiences begin on Wednesday, and all attendees will transition into IC delegates Thursday afternoon ahead of the start of Convention. Scholarship is available to those delegates eligible to attend.

If you have any questions about IC Summit, feel free to reach out to the IC Customer Service Team at any time. Registration information can be found here.

February Executives Conference  📣

Alephs and B’nai B’rith Girls will plan for the year ahead as a united Movement. We will focus on enriching chapter and community programming, sharing best practices for growing our impact, and collaborate how to most effectively make the world a better place through conversations, workshops, and our International Business Meeting.

Open to Council, Regional, and Country Presidents, and the Grand and International Boards.

Inaugural Global Leadership Forum  💡

Following a fun, meaningful, and exciting week immersed in the Dallas community, all International Delegates (and any arriving Canadian Delegates) will transition into IC via the Global Leadership Forum. The Forum will be a 24-hour movement-building intensive seminar offering dozens of workshops and laboratories to learn and practice skills (i.e., programming, marketing, Jewish enrichment, activism, etc.) that will ensure BBYO’s chapters worldwide are healthy, growing, and set up for long-term success.

This experience is only for International Delegates and Canadian Delegates attending IC.

International Convention Advance: Steering Admin & Captains

Members of the IC 2023 Steering Team who have supported the visioning and planning of BBYO International Convention will have the opportunity to gather for pre-conference briefings and trainings, material preparation, and environment building prior to the start of the experience.

This is invite-only. Members of the IC 2023 Steering Team who are eligible to attend will be notified.