BBYO's 100th International Convention (IC) will be held in Orlando, Florida, from Thursday, February 15 through Monday, February 19, 2024. IC February Executives will begin a day earlier on Wednesday, February 14.

IC's Global Ambassadors Week will take place approximately between Sunday, February 11, 2024 to Wednesday, February 14, 2024, though dates are subjective to each community. Specific travel information will be provided by your local BBYO professionals or partner agency staff. All information about COVID-19 protocols can be found on our Health and Safety page.

Attending International Convention

Who Is Invited to Attend IC?

Teen Participation at IC

IC is for every Jewish teen around the world—members of all ages, elected leaders, BBYO Summer Experiences alumni, BBYO Passport alumni, and any teen interested in joining BBYO. There is no prerequisite experience or level of involvement needed to have the time of your life at IC. (Note: while eighth graders are not eligible to attend IC, freshmen are enthusiastically welcome to attend. At IC 2023 in Dallas, Texas, we hosted more than 350 freshmen!)

Teens based in the United States and Canada must be registered BBYO members before signing up for IC. Perspective members in the U.S. can sign up here and prospective members in Canada should reach out to their regional offices or contact us to sign up.

We’re expecting a record number of Alephs and BBGs in Orlando. IC 2023 hosted 3,200 members of AZA and BBG representing over 50 countries. We anticipate IC 2024 will set new records in attendance, with a waitlist, so be prepared to register on launch night: Thursday, September 28!

Adult Participation at IC

There are many opportunities for supporters, stakeholders, alumni, parents, partners, and friends to experience the magic of IC. These include an annual gathering of communal leaders enthusiastic about Jewish teen life, an immersive experience for BBYO's stakeholders and supporters, volunteer, and partnership opportunities, and a series of alumni events throughout the weekend. Many partner agencies also hold events for teens and stakeholders throughout the weekend.

If you are a local community advocate for BBYO, a BBYO FAN Leader, a parent, and/or alumni that would like to attend or staff IC, please check out various opportunities through our Host Region and Adult Participation portals or email the IC Customer Service.

Interested in partnering with us for IC 2024? Please email BBYO’s Partnership Outreach Director, Ariel Rosen.

How Can I Stay Updated on IC News?

This website will be updated regularly with information about registration, scholarship, travel, program announcements, and all the details you will need to know.You can also follow IC updates on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram with the hashtag #AZABBGIC2024.

For the BBYO family across the North Florida Region (NFR), including parents, alumni, and community members, you can explore opportunities to host, volunteer, partner, and more on the IC Host Region page.

If you have additional questions, please email the IC Customer Service at any time.

How Much Does IC Cost? Are Scholarships Available?

IC 2024 Standard Package (Thursday - Monday): $1,299 USD
IC 2024 Standard Package + February Executives Conference (Wednesday–Monday):
$1,539 USD
IC 2024 Standard Package + Global Ambassadors Week (Wednesday–Monday):
$1,539 USD
IC 2024 Standard Package + IC Advance: Steering Admin & Captains ONLY (Wednesday–Monday):
$1,539 USD

We are so grateful to BBYO's generous supporters who have made it possible to keep our rates close to those of IC 2023 while increasing scholarship opportunities for all delegates. Pricing is inclusive of the full IC experience including but not limited to hotel, meals, giveaways, access to all events, concert tickets, transportation to offsite programs, and more. Program cost does not include transportation to/from Orlando. 

Scholarship is available to all delegates and interested families should apply after registering for the event.

How Do Delegates Apply for IC Scholarship?

Information about IC Scholarship can be found here. Delegates are encouraged to register early as we anticipate IC will sell out quickly! Delegates can begin to apply for scholarships as soon as they register. Scholarship is based on financial need. The first round of applications are due by Tuesday, October 17, 2023, and we will notify all families of their award no later than Thursday, October 26, 2023. After first round applications have been submitted, IC scholarship is based on rolling submission and availability of funds.

Many communities, chapters, councils, and regions also have local funds available to support interested attendees. Please be in touch with your local community for additional information. Additional scholarship opportunities may be available for Canadian delegates. Please connect with your Canadian regional office for more information. Delegates from outside North America should be in touch with local BBYO staff or partner agency professionals for scholarship information. Our goal is to ensure that every member of AZA or BBG who wants to attend IC is able to join us.

What is the IC Registration Date, Payment Deadlines, and Cancellation Policy?

Thursday, September 28, 2023 | IC registration night ($250 minimum deposit due at registration)
Tuesday, October 17, 2023 |
IC scholarship application due
Thursday, October, 26, 2023 |
IC scholarship announced
Tuesday, November 14, 2023 |
$450 payment due
Tuesday, November 14, 2023 |
Last day to cancel from IC with a full refund. Payments are non-transferable.
Tuesday, December 5, 2023 |
Payment due in full, medical forms due, travel form due
Tuesday, December 5, 2023 |
Last day to cancel from IC with a $250 cancellation fee
Wednesday, December 6, 2023 |
All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable
Monday, January 22, 2024 |
Last day to register for IC 2024 (pending availability)

To cancel your registration, email

How Will Registration Work?

Registration will go live on Thursday, September 28, 2023 (and will remain open until January 22 or until we are sold out). Spots are available to all BBYO members (9th–12th grade) in good standing. For a detailed explanation on how teen registration and waitlists will work for IC 2024, please review our IC 2024 Registration & Waitlist Polices document.

Delegates who register for IC are required to pay a minimum $250 deposit (although they may pay more when they register), which is fully refundable through Tuesday, November 14, 2024. Here are options for registration:

  • You Can Register Online: If you have an issue registering online, you can submit a request for help by emailing the IC Customer Service Team.

  • You Can Register in Person: If your community is hosting an IC registration party, join in the fun! Most locations will have on-site registration available.

  • You Can Register (and Get Help) by Phone: Call centers are set up across North America to help with any registration challenges. The IC hotline for assistance is +1 (202) 507-7266. There may be a waiting period, but BBYO professionals and volunteers will be standing by to help as quickly as possible.

Please Note: IC registration is not through myBBYO. You can register for IC here.

Please email the IC Customer Service Team or call us at +1 (202) 507-7266 with any questions you have about registration.

How Will the IC Waitlist Process Work?

As was expected and communicated prior to registration opening, BBYO’s Centennial International Convention (IC) is sold out. A large waitlist exists and, unfortunately, it unlikely that every teen who wishes to participate in IC 2024 will be able to do so.  

Moving forward, teens on the waitlist will be eligible to register for IC as space becomes available and in accordance with our IC 2024 Registration and Waitlist Policies.  Since cleaning up our registration list, and accounting for teens who received priority registration due to summer leadership program participation or those who have since decided not to attend IC, we currently have a few hundred spaces for those on the waitlist.

  • On Wednesday, October 18th, we will be notifying a group of waitlist participants and parent(s) via email that they will have an opportunity to register for IC. If those notified on October 18th do not register within 48 hours of receiving notification from BBYO, they will move to the bottom of the waitlist.

  • After November 14th, the date the second IC payment is due for those who are currently registered for the event, we will determine how many additional spots are available to accommodate teens remaining on the waitlist in accordance with BBYO's IC 2024 registration and waitlist policy guidelines. At that point, if a spot is available for teens on the waitlist, they will be notified immediately, invited to register, and have 48 hours to do so from the moment they are notified. If invited teens do not register within 48 hours, they will move to the bottom of the waitlist.

  • Once again, after December 5th, the date the final IC payment is due for those who are currently registered for the event, we will do another assessment of how many available spots there are to accommodate additional teens on the waitlist in accordance with BBYO's IC 2024 registration and waitlist policy guidelines. if a spot is available for teens on the waitlist, they will be notified immediately, invited to register, and have 48 hours to do so from the moment they are notified. If invited teens do not register within 48 hours, they will move to the bottom of the waitlist.

  • After December 11th, we will let any remaining teens know if they are off the waitlist on a case-by-case rolling basis if individual spots become available. However, please know that we do not expect to let in a considerable number of delegates at that point.

How Do I Modify Registration or Submit Payment/Travel Information?

You can modify your registration and submit additional payment and travel information in the IC Registration System once you have registered. Please keep your registration confirmation email as it includes your IC Confirmation Number. Balance payments can be made via credit card or echeck. All credit card charges will incur a 3% processing fee. This fee is non-refundable, no matter when a participant cancels.

After a participant makes their initial $250 deposit, they will have the option to pay the outstanding funds by credit card or echeck. All credit card charges will incur a 3% processing fee. This fee is non-refundable, no matter when a participant cancels.

To cancel your registration, email

Travel and Transportation

How Does Airport Arrival Work?

When I arrive at the airport, where do I go?
Starting at 9:00 AM EST on both arrival days, BBYO staff and IC volunteers will be stationed throughout Orlando International Airport (MCO) baggage claim wearing colorful BBYO vests and holding BBYO signs. Specific information about what delegates should do upon their arrival at the airport will be provided directly to all registered delegates and their families via email a few days ahead of IC. BBYO Staff will be available in the airport until 5:30 PM EST.

What happens if my flight is delayed?
BBYO staff will be monitoring flights to stay up to date on any delays or cancellations and to ensure all delegates arrive at the hotel safely. Specific information on who to contact about flight changes and delays will be provided directly to all registered delegates and their families via email a few days ahead of IC.

What do I do if I get to the airport and can’t find staff?
BBYO staff and IC volunteers will be stationed throughout Orlando International Airport (MCO) baggage claim wearing colorful BBYO vests and holding BBYO signs. If you are having trouble locating a member of our team you can reach out to our direct hotline. The hotline number will be provided in an email to all registered delegates and their families a few days ahead of IC.

How long until I leave the airport for the hotel?
Shuttles will begin to head to the IC hotel between after 10:30 AM EST on all arrival days. Upon arrival at the hotel, teens will go through the IC check in process. Hotel rooms may not be ready at the time of a teen's arrival, but luggage will be safely stored and there will be programming, restaurants, and cafes available for delegates to enjoy until their room is ready. Shuttles will be on a loop throughout the day and delegates may need to wait in the airport until the shuttle returns. We encourage all delegates to bring a little extra spending money for airport snacks/meals. Please note that dinner will be the first meal provided.

Where Do Delegates Stay? Do They Leave the Hotel?

Delegates will be staying at a hotel in Orlando. For security purposes, the name of the hotel will not be released until a few days before IC.

Delegates will have the opportunity to go off-site for specific Friday and/or Sunday programming in Orlando. All off-site activities will be supervised by IC staff. Delegates are not permitted to leave the hotel under any circumstances without supervision.

Health and Wellness

Do Delegates Complete an IC Medical Form?

BBYO has partnered with CampDoc for our families to easily upload health records, insurance, immunizations, and medications/allergies for all BBYO programs. Upon registration for IC you will receive an email from CampDoc with access information to your profile. A delegate’s account must be 100% completed in order to attend IC.

Please note, every delegate is required to provide a copy of a physical received with dates between February 5, 2023–February 5, 2024). The BBYO medical form can be found through a teen’s CampDoc profile. BBYO requires this form to be completed. BBYO does not require you to use our form, the form can be from a school or sports physical in the last year, as long as it is signed by a medical professional.

For questions about Campdocs please contact our IC Customer Service Team.

How Is Medicine Distributed at IC?

Teens are responsible for their own medication at IC. Some over-the-counter medications will be available in the Medical Center, but teens should bring and hold on to any medication they anticipate needing throughout the convention. This policy is specific to IC, and does not necessarily reflect other overnight events.

What Happens If a Delegate Gets Sick at IC?

IC hosts a full medical team of professional nurses, mental health professionals, and doctors onsite. If a delegate requires medical attention, an IC staff member can assist them in contacting a member of the Medical Team.

In case of an emergency, BBYO will utilize the nearest hospital. If additional information or out-of-hotel medical services are needed, a member of the IC Leadership Team will contact the delegate's parent or guardian. BBYO recommends that all delegates bring a copy of their health insurance information to carry with them during off-site programming.

Our talented Mental Health Team is available for support throughout the convention.

What are BBYO’s Health and Safety Protocols?

Please click here to see our current health and safety protocols, including vaccine information.

How Will BBYO Celebrate Pluralism at IC?

BBYO strives to create an environment where all Jewish teens can explore and cultivate their Jewish identity. One of the ways we promote this growth is through encountering new traditions, beliefs, and practices, and interacting with others from different backgrounds and perspectives. We will have Shomer Shabbat spaces and programs from sundown on Friday through Havdalah on Saturday.

Packing and Dress Code

Is There a Dress Code for IC?

Delegates will be mostly indoors, however, during free time and specific on-site and off-site programs, there is an opportunity for delegates to be outdoors. Casual clothing like jeans and t-shirts are appropriate for most of IC. Delegations will often dress in themed attire as they compete for the coveted Max F. Baer Spirit Gavel and the Anita M. Perlman Spirit Cup. Delegations will provide information if there is anything special a delegate should bring with them to IC.

Proper attire at BBYO programs involves clothing that is neat, clean, and in good repair. We want you to be able to express yourself and be true to your individual style while adding to our environment of leadership, learning, and community. Clothing that detracts from that environment is not allowed.

General Guidelines for All Apparel

  • No item of clothing may bear a logo or message that is antithetical to BBYO values or have any drug or alcohol words, pictures, or symbols.

  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must cover the rear end and must not expose any undergarments.

  • All clothing must appropriately cover the midriff, back, and chest.  

  • Clothing may not reveal undergarments in any way (either because the clothing is sheer, it does not fit properly—i.e. too loose—or it does not meet the requirements noted above).

What Is the Dress for Shabbat and State of the Order?

It is tradition at IC to wear clothing on Friday night that is nicer than what we wear the rest of the weekend, as Shabbat is a special and sacred time. We encourage people to dress nicely in a way that helps them feel special and sacred over Shabbat. Some examples include:

  • Khakis or dress jeans with no holes

  • Button-down shirts or a similar nice top

  • Long skirts or dresses

Please remember that it is important to dress respectfully for Shabbat each week—the general guidelines for dressing still apply. The dress code for Saturday, during the day, is casual. On Saturday night, during the State of the Order and Havdalah (when we end Shabbat), it is traditional to dress nicer than typical casual clothing.

What Should I Pack?

The IC Spirit Guide is live! Use the packing information below and the Spirit Guide to prepare for IC.

The Essentials:

You need enough clothing for 4-5 days, but please remember that you will be sharing a hotel room with others, and space is limited.It is highly recommended to label your belongings!

  • T-Shirts: Bring 5-6 casual shirts & 1-2 nice shirts

  • Pants/Shorts: For walking around & daily activities We recommend enough pants/shorts to last 5-6 days

  • Sweatshirt & Sweatpants: Hotel air conditioning could be cold

  • Underwear & Socks: We recommend enough underwear & socks to last 5-6 days

  • Pajamas: We recommend enough PJs to last 5-6 days

  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, soap, facewash, bodywash, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, razors, contact lenses, solution, eye drops, and case, feminine hygiene products, chapstick

  • Footwear: Delegates will be on their feet a lot of the day and having comfortable shoes is important. Think about bringing running shoes and a pair of nice shoes for Friday

  • Travel Documents: Be sure to bring and secure your photo ID if you are flying to IC. We recommend bringing two copies just in case you misplace anything, as well as a photo of your ID on your cell phone.

  • Phone & Charger: Be sure to bring any needed chargers

  • Prescription Glasses/Contact Lenses: If needed

  • Medications: This can include EpiPen, inhaler, prescriptions, etc.

  • Other: Kippah, Tallit, and Tefillin (if desired), AZA and BBG pins, money for cash concessions sold throughout convention

Day Specific Recommendations:

  • Thursday: Travel outfit, BBYO regional/council spirit clothing

  • Friday: Casual clothing for during the day, bag to go off-site (if participating in LEADS Day or AZAA/BBGG Sports and Wellness day), workout/sports clothing, cleats/shin guards, sneakers(if participating in AZAA/BBGG Sports and Wellness Day), and Shabbat clothing

  • Saturday: Casual clothing during the day and State of the Order outfit

  • Sunday: Casual clothing with comfortable shoes for off-site programming

  • Monday: Travel clothing

  • Specific to Orlando: Swimsuit, beach/swim towel, sandals, and sunscreen

  • Items BBYO Does Not Recommend and is Not Responsible For: Luggage that is not easily carried, expensive jewelry or other valuables, and expensive electronics (phones, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, laptops, iPad, smart watches)

You may bring food. Homemade baked goods are prohibited. Bags will be checked upon arrival. Please do not bring any food products containing nuts, meat, or shellfish.

Note that drones and hoverboards are strictly prohibited from all BBYO programs.


How Does Rooming Work at IC?

Delegates will be able to submit one roommate request via their IC registration profile when the roommate request survey becomes available in December. IC Roommates must be arriving on the same day and must request each other, or all delegates will be assigned roommates randomly. Delegates may not request more than one roommate. There is no guarantee delegates will be matched with their request, but BBYO will try to fulfill all requests. Otherwise, delegates are roomed randomly at IC in double or quad arrangements. Every effort is made to ensure that delegates are comfortable in their rooms and most delegates are paired with someone from their home community and/or a delegate who is in the same grade. While BBYO does not allow for room changes, any serious rooming issues should be brought to the IC staff’s attention right away.

During registration, delegates can pay for an upgrade to a two-person (double) hotel room, instead of the standard four-person (quad) room. Double rooms are based on availability. If requesting a roommate, both delegates must be signed up for a double room to be assigned as roommates together. The additional cost will be $292 for IC only and $365 for IC + February Executives or IC + Global Leadership Forum.

Food and Spending Money

What Are Meals Like? What If a Delegate Has Dietary Restrictions?

All meals provided at IC are either vegetarian (contains dairy), or will include kosher meat. All meat served at IC is kosher, and we don't mix milk and meat, however, the kitchen is not supervised. All meals are nut-free. The following meals will be available in the dining room for any delegate that notes a dietary restriction in their IC Registration:

  • Dairy-free

  • Gluten-free

  • Vegetarian

  • Vegan

  • Glatt Kosher

All meals must be picked up at a specific meal station in the dining room at the beginning of meals. If you have food concerns, please see a member of the special meals team at IC. 

If you have questions in advance of IC, please email IC Customer Service Team

Are There Any Other Dining Options?

Delegates will also have access to hotel cafes and restaurants during designated times and can order what they like per their individual needs (Kosher options are available). All arrangements are explicitly between the customer and the hotel venue they are ordering food from and some services may be credit card-only. Orders for late night food will be placed through the IC App and have to be placed by a certain time each day. Orders placed after the deadline will not be honored.

Will Delegates Need Any Spending Money at IC?

Delegates are advised to bring a small amount of spending money to IC. During free time, delegates may be given the option to purchase snacks with cash in addition to the snacks provided to them by BBYO. Also, delegates may choose to purchase items at the IC Shuk (marketplace) showcasing BBYO “swag” and apparel from chapters, councils, regions, and countries across the International Order. Items at the IC Shuk typically cost between $10 and $45. Delegates can bring cash, debit or credit cards, or ApplePay.

Supervision and Code of Conduct

What Is BBYO's Supervision and Discipline Policy?

BBYO has a minimum supervision ratio of 15 delegates to every adult. All of BBYO’s professional IC staff have had background checks and are trained to work with delegates and keep them safe. As a reminder, delegates have signed a Code of Conduct and Community Standards agreement upon registering for BBYO membership. This indicates their full understanding of BBYO’s behavioral expectations. Should a delegate choose to act outside of BBYO’s Code of Conduct, the incident will be addressed by the appropriate staff members.

BBYO believes in a culture of respect. When it comes to relationships between participants we require that all participants conduct themselves in a respectful manner and affirmative consent is required. For more on BBYO's policy on healthy relationships and what will happen in the event of an allegation of non-consensual touching or harassment see here.

BBYO has a zero-tolerance approach to any violation of the
Code of Conduct and any disciplinary matter that comes to the attention of IC staff. If a delegate is dismissed from IC for disciplinary reasons or Code of Conduct violations, BBYO will arrange for travel home immediately, at the delegate’s expense and without a refund.

  1. Delegates may not leave the program from the time of arrival until the time that IC concludes. All participants are strictly prohibited from leaving the hotel grounds.

  2. Delegates must attend and be on time to all programs and scheduled sessions, including meals.

  3. Delegates must act respectfully toward fellow delegates, guests, and staff. Vulgar language and inappropriate gestures—even jokingly—will not be tolerated. This applies to the use of social media. BBYO will be joined by many guests representing a plurality of opinions and associations. While they are in our "home," we will be good hosts and show respect at all times.

  4. Conduct that endangers the safety, morals, health, or welfare of others will not be tolerated.

  5. Under no circumstances shall a teen share, sell, or trade medication of any type—over-the-counter or prescription.

  6. Behaviors that will result in immediate dismissal include: 

  7. Causing injury to another teen, staff member, or guest

  8. Theft or causing damage to hotel or other’s property

  9. Violating curfew (leaving one’s assigned sleeping room after “lights out”)

  10. Possession of fireworks or firearms

  11. Smoking

  12. Consumption/possession of drugs/alcohol or any substance used to create an unnatural high

  13. Causing injury to oneself

  14. Tattooing or piercing

  15. Entering a sleeping room you are not assigned to at any time

  16. Gambling

  17. Sexual harassment

  18. Sexual activity/intimate contact in any sleeping area, or any public or private area

  19. Hazing or demonstrating violent behavior

  20. The most common Code of Conduct violations and consequences can be found here.

Safety and Security

What Are the Security Arrangements for IC?

The safety and security of our teens, staff, and guests at BBYO International Convention are our top priority and BBYO implements various measures to ensure every participant is safe.

All policies, procedures, and protective measures are implemented in full collaboration with world-renowned security services that keep some of the American government's highest profile events safe as well as with all local, state, and national police and intelligence bureaus. Below are some of the key measures we are putting in place:

  1. As we do every year, we have contracted with a private security company to oversee coordination and implementation of security at IC, which includes inside and outside the hotel and to any of our offsite locations. 

  2. We are in constant contact with local law enforcement and the FBI, who will be working with us and our security company to ensure we are providing a safe and secure community throughout IC.

  3. Hotel security will also be working in coordination with local law enforcement, FBI, and our security company to ensure indoor and outdoor hotel areas are secure.   

  4. Every teen, staff and guest will be issued a name badge, and no access will be granted to our space without proper ID.   

Please note, for security purposes, the name of the IC hotel will not be released until a few days before the event begins. If you have additional questions, information is available upon request by delegates or delegate families of registered teens. Please send questions to the IC Customer Service Team.

What If My Friend/Family in Orlando Wants to Visit Me at IC?

All attendees and guests must be registered for IC; outside visitors are not allowed at IC at any time. 

How Do I Get In Touch with Someone at IC?

If there is an emergency during IC, parents are encouraged to call the IC Hotline at +1 (202) 507-7266.

The IC office will be fully staffed from 8:00 AM through 10:00 PM CT everyday. While our office team will be working until very late at night, should you get our voicemail in the evening, please leave a message. We’ll be checking messages frequently and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have Other Questions?

Contact the IC Customer Service Team for more information. 

Please note that during high volume times, responses from the IC Customer Service Team may take up to 24–72 business hours.