BBYO's 98th International Convention will be held in Baltimore, Maryland from Thursday, February 17 through Monday, February 21. IC Summit will begin a day before on Wednesday, February 16. IC's Global Ambassadors Week will begin on Thursday, February 10. Get ready to live your best life.

We're currently updating all FAQ information below. Check back later this summer for updated information.

Attending International Convention

Who Is Invited to Attend IC?

Teen Participation at IC
IC is for every Jewish teen around the world—members of all ages, elected leaders, BBYO Summer Experiences alumni, BBYO Passport alumni, and any teen interested in joining BBYO. There is no pre-requisite experience or level of involvement needed to have the time of your life at IC.

Members based in the United States need to be registered members (unless otherwise notified or approved by your local professional). If you aren't a member yet, be sure to sign up before registration! Canadian members should have current memberships with their regional offices.

We’re expecting a record number of Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls in Dallas. IC 2019 hosted 3,000 members of AZA and BBG representing our 50 countries. We anticipate IC 2020 to set new records in attendance. (Note: eighth graders are not eligible to attend IC, however, freshmen are enthusiastically welcomed to attend! We hosted more than 200 freshmen at IC in Denver last year.)

Adult Participation at IC
There are great opportunities for supporters, stakeholders, alumni, parents, partners, and friends to experience the magic of IC. These events include an annual gathering of communal leaders enthusiastic about Jewish teen life, an immersive experience for BBYO's stakeholders and supporters, volunteer and partnership opportunities, and a series of alumni events throughout the weekend. Many partner agencies also hold events for teens and stakeholders throughout the weekend within the IC community.

If you are a local community advocate for BBYO, a BBYO FAN Leader, a parent, and/or alumni that would like to attend or staff IC, please check out various opportunities through our Host Region and Adult Participation portals or email the IC Leadership Team.

What Is IC Summit?

For any member with skills, interest areas, or leadership roles, AZA and BBG are offering a number of different tracks as a part of the IC Summit experience beginning Wednesday, February 12. If you are planning to attend one of these Summit tracks, you should confirm admittance before booking travel to Dallas. All international delegates are invited to participate in one of the IC Summit tracks.

More information on IC Summit can be found here.

How Do I Get In Touch with Someone at IC?

If there is an emergency during IC, parents are encouraged to call the IC Hotline at 1-800-421-9843.

Please be aware that delegates should not use cell phones during programming and the best way to relay information to your teen is often through our IC office. Delegates should plan to use their phones in their rooms and during free time.

The IC office will be fully staffed from 8:00 AM through 10:00 PM CST everyday. While our office team will be working until very late at night, should you get our voicemail in the evening, please leave a message. We’ll be checking messages frequently and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where Can I Stay Up to Date On News About IC?

This website will be updated regularly with information about registration, scholarship, travel, program announcements, and all details you will need to know.

For BBYO's family across North Texas Oklahoma Region including local families, alumni, and community members, information on local events, volunteer opportunities, hosting international delegates, and more can be found on the IC Host Region Page. Everyone can follow all IC news updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #AZABBGIC2020.

If you have additional questions, you can always e-mail the IC Leadership Team at any time.

How Much Does IC Cost? Are Scholarships Available?

Delegate rates for IC 2020 can be found here. We are grateful to BBYO's generous supporters who made it possible to keep our rate close to last year's while increasing scholarship opportunities for all delegates. This price includes everything (hotel, meals, give-a-ways, access to all events, concert tickets, airport and ground transportation, and more) except transportation to/from Dallas. There is an additional cost (and additional scholarship) for IC Summits for those that choose to attend.

Scholarship is available to all delegates and interested families should apply when they make their first deposit.

Information about IC Scholarship can be found here. Teens are encouraged to register early as we anticipate IC will sell out quickly! Teens should begin to apply for scholarship as soon as they are confirmed on the IC waitlist. The IC scholarship application is due to the International Office by Thursday, October 17, 2019, and we will notify all families of their award no later than Thursday, October 31, 2019. Teens can also earn Scholarship by participating in the AZA & BBG Fall Recruitment campaign. Details about this campaign can be found on the IC Scholarship page.

Many communities, chapters, councils, and regions also have funds available to support interested attendees. We do all that we can to ensure that financial restraints are never a barrier to participation for any delegate at IC. Our goal is to ensure that every member of AZA or BBG that wants to attend IC can join us.

Scholarship is based on financial need and can also be earned by participating in membership recruitment incentives. If you are in need of assistance, please be in touch with us so that we can do our best to support your participation in IC.

Additional scholarship opportunities may be available for Canadian delegates. Please connect with your Canadian regional office for more information. Delegates from beyond North America should be in touch with local BBYO staff or partner agency professionals for scholarship information.

The deadline for IC scholarship applications is Thursday, October 17, 2019. All families will be notified by Thursday, October 31, of their initial scholarship award.

What Is the IC Registration and Cancellation Policy?

Full refunds are only available through Thursday, November 21, 2019.

To access the IC registration and cancellation policy, please click here. To cancel your regisitration, please email us.

Travel Protection Plan: U.S. and Canadian Delegates
BBYO has partnered with Travel Insured International to provide a discounted group travel insurance option specially designed for teen travel. Families are highly encouraged to sign-up for travel insurance in order to protect their investment and plan for the unexpected. All benefits are subject to policy exclusions. The "Cancellation for Any Reason (CFAR)" Premium Policy coverage is 75% of the nonrefundable cost of your trip if cancelled 48 hours or more before scheduled departure. CFAR is only available if you insure the full cost of your trip (including flights), must be purchased prior to making your final payment for IC, and is not available for Canadian or New York residents.

Standard Policy:
Between $41 and $54 depending on the full cost of your trip
Premium Policy (not available for Canadian or NY residents): Between $61 and $81 depending on the full cost of your trip

Coverage Includes: Trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, missed connection, baggage delays or loss, non-medical emergency evacuation, accident and sickness medical expense, emergency evacuation and repatriation, cancel for any reason (optional).

Before purchasing a policy, we encourage that you read over the policy details and rate sheet. Please direct any further questions about the travel insurance policy to Jeffrey Barr of Travel Insurance Israel via phone (877-813-2304) or email.

Select one of the options below to purchase a travel insurance policy:
Please make sure to enter the full cost of your trip within the form to be fully insured.

How Do I Register for IC?

On Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 8:00 PM EST, worldwide registration will open for BBYO International Convention 2020.

How will registration work?
When registration opens on Thursday, September 26 at 8:00 PM EST (and remain open until sold-out), all members in good standing who register are entered onto the waitlist. Members may continue to register, but those who register early will be given priority for early admittance. IC usually sells outs within a few hours of registration opening.

  • Members who register for the IC Waitlist are required to pay a $250 deposit, fully refundable until Thursday, November 21, 2019. The deposit secures a delegate's spot on the waitlist and is applied to the total registration cost. Scholarship is available based on financial need and can also be earned by participating in the AZA & BBG Fall Recruitment Campaign. All teens with need are encouraged to apply for scholarship.

  • You Can Register in Person: If your community is hosting an IC registration party, join in the fun! Most locations will have on-site registration available.

  • You Can Register Online: If you have an issue registering online, you can submit a request for help by emailing the IC Customer Service Team.

  • You Can Register (and Get Help) by Phone: Call centers are set up across North America to help with any registration challenges. The IC hotline for assistance is 1-800-421-9843. There may be a waiting period, but BBYO professionals and volunteers will be standing by to help as quickly as possible. Call Centers will remain open as long as necessary into the early hours of Friday, September 27 to be as responsive to teens and parents as possible.

  • Shortly after IC registration night on September 26, we will work quickly to confirm all delegate spots. Our ultimate goal is to admit every Aleph and BBG who wishes to attend IC.

  • As a teen is cleared from the waitlist, they’ll be notified by invitation email. Once fully admitted, they'll be able to complete their registration through the IC registration system. (Note: IC registration is not through myBBYO.)

  • If a teen no longer wants to attend IC the $250 deposit will be refunded (if before November 21) and they will be removed from the waitlist once the IC Customer Service Team is notified.

Why do we use a waitlist system?
Our intent is to accommodate every teen, but we may need a couple of weeks to make that happen. All teens will know their admittance status as soon as possible. When a teen registers for IC, they are registering for a spot on a waitlist. We have a waitlist because IC costs more money per teen than a reasonable registration fee can cover. Therefore, we need to raise a significant sum of money from philanthropists to support each teen. In the past, we have been able to raise enough money so that every teen could attend and we are in the process of raising that money for this coming year. With that said, there is always a chance we won’t be able to admit every participant. We are optimistic, but there are no guarantees until we have firm fundraising commitments and know our total demand. If there are any questions, you or your family should feel free to be in touch!

Teens may continue to register for the IC waitlist after Thursday, September 26 at 11:59 PM PST, at which time admittance will be on a continual rolling basis. Remember, IC has sold out within the first 24 hours for the past 7 years. It is best to register early to secure your spot on the waitlist. Registering early for IC has its perks!

All early registrants are eligible to win:

  • Backstage access and a meet and greet with musical guests

  • Summer Experiences Reunion VIP Party

  • Roommate selection and hotel suite upgrades

  • Late-night room service on BBYO!

  • Additional IC 2020 and Summer Experiences 2020 surprises

Please email the IC Customer Service Team or call us at 1-800-421-9842 with any questions you may have about registration.

What Is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Register for IC?

  1. Go to the Register page on the IC site. Check out the registration options to find the right experience for you as there will be option to come early for IC Summit, which begins on Wednesday, February 12 (learn more about IC Summit tracks here).

  2. Fill out the IC Registration Form on the page to complete your registration and payment of the $250 deposit.

  3. You will receive a confirmation email confirming your place on the waitlist.

  4. If you are admitted from the waitlist, you will receive an invitation to register through the IC registration system.

How Do I Modify Registration or Submit Payment/Travel Information?

You can modify your registration and submit payment and travel information in the IC Registration System once your spot is confirmed and you are no longer on the IC waitlist.

New this year: for BBYO International Immersive Experiences, after a participant makes their initial $250 deposit, they will have the option to pay the outstanding funds either by credit card or e-check. If they choose credit card, they will be charged a 3% fee that we are passing along from the credit card company. This fee is not refundable no matter when the teen cancels. When they pay they will need to click to confirm the transaction.

How Do Delegates Apply for IC Scholarship?

We are committed to making sure that every Aleph and B’nai B’rith Girl can attend IC and work hard to ensure that there are no financial barriers to any member’s participation. Immediately after registering for the IC registration waitlist, the IC scholarship application will be available. Families are encouraged to submit their form as quickly as possible even if the applicant has not yet been admitted to IC. We want to get to work on assisting each teen right away. The IC scholarship application is due to the International Office by Thursday, October 17, 2019 and we will notify all families of their award no later than Thursday, October 31, 2019. Scholarship can also be earned by participating in the AZA & BBG Fall Recruitment Campaign. Additional scholarship opportunities may be available for Canadian delegates. Please connect with your Canadian regional office for more information. Delegates from beyond North America should be in touch with local BBYO staff or partner agency professionals for scholarship information.

How Will BBYO Celebrate Pluralism at IC?

BBYO strives to create an environment where all Jewish teens can explore and cultivate their Jewish identity. One of the ways we promote this growth is through encountering new traditions, beliefs, and practices, and interacting with others from different backgrounds and perspectives. We strive for all public spaces to be Shomer Shabbat from sundown on Friday through Havdallah on Saturday.

Travel and Transportation

How Does Airport Arrival Work?

When I arrive at the airport, where do I go?
Starting at 8:00 AM CST on both arrival days, BBYO staff and IC volunteers will be stationed throughout Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) wearing colorful BBYO vests and holding BBYO signs. They will help direct you to the meeting areas. Specific information about what delegates should do upon their arrival at the airport will be provided directly to all registered delegates and their families in the weeks ahead of IC.

What happens if my flight is delayed?
BBYO staff will be monitoring flights to stay up to date on any delays or cancellations and to ensure that we have transportation for all delegates to get to the hotel. If you want to ensure that staff are aware of any changes to your flight, please contact the IC Hotline at 1-800-421-9843.

What do I do if I get to the airport and can’t find staff?
If you have difficulty locating BBYO staff or the BBYO meeting area at the airport, you should contact hospitality captains directly, who will be on-site at the airport and will help direct you. Their contact information will be provided to you in the weeks ahead of IC.

How long until I leave the airport for the hotel?
Shuttles will begin to the IC hotel by mid-morning on all arrival days. Teens will be able to register early and rest up for IC on-site. All hotel rooms may not be ready at the time of a teen's arrival, but luggage will be safely stored and there will be programming, restaurants, and cafes available for delegates to enjoy until their room is ready. You may still have time where you are hanging out at the airport between shuttles, so we encourage you to bring a little extra money for snacks/meals.

Where Do Delegates Stay? Do They Leave the Hotel?

Delegates will be staying in Dallas and will remain on-site for most of the duration of IC. Delegates will leave the hotel for a day of learning and community service across Dallas, as well as for supervised city tours and/or AZAA and BBGG athletics tournaments. Other than that, delegates should not leave the hotel under any circumstances. All off-site activities will be supervised by IC staff. Any exception would require that they be accompanied by staff.

Will There Be a Bus to IC for Attendees from Regions Near Dallas?

Delegates from communities near Dallas should check with their local BBYO professional staff to confirm whether buses will be available. Buses will not be available for those teens that live in the Dallas area. Dallas delegates should plan to carpool or be dropped off directly at the IC hotel.

Health and Wellness

How Do Delegates Complete an IC Medical Form?

BBYO is excited to continue a partnership with CampDoc, the leading electronic health record system for camps, designed by camp doctors, nurses, and directors. The secure, easy-to-use web-based solution helps our staff better manage health forms, medications/allergies, and health logging throughout the year. Upon registration for IC, you will receive an email from CampDoc with access information to your profile.

How Is Medicine Distributed at IC?

Parents have the option of having their teens medication distributed by the Wellness Team or to allow their teens to be responsible for their own medication. This policy is just for IC and does not apply to any Summer Experiences.

The IC Medication Distribution form will be available here when registration opens.

If a Delegate Gets Sick, What Happens?

IC hosts a full medical team of professional nurses and doctors onsite. If you require medical attention, please see an IC staff member who will contact a member of the Wellness Team. In case of an emergency, we will utilize the nearest hospital. If additional information, extended care or out-of-hotel medical services are needed, a member of the IC Leadership Team will contact your parents or guardians. For your own protection, you should carry health insurance numbers and information with you while traveling outside the hotel.

Our talented Wellness Team is available should you need assistance or someone to talk with at any point. You can find them in the Health and Wellness Center at IC from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM CST each day.

Packing and Dress Code

What Is the Recommended Dress for IC?

Delegates will be mostly indoors. Generally, casual clothing like jeans and t-shirts are appropriate. Delegations will often dress in themed attire as they compete for the coveted Max F. Baer Spirit Gavel and the Anita M. Perlman Spirit Cup. Delegates are not permitted to wear clothing that is revealing, such as short skirts or see-through tops and may be asked to change clothes if necessary. Clothing that is profane or references drugs or alcohol is also not permitted.

What Is the Dress for Shabbat and State of the Order?

Friday evening Shabbat and State of the Order attire should be nicer than typical casual clothes. Slacks and khakis, polo shirts, a button down shirt, skirts, blouses or dresses are appropriate for all delegates. Revealing short skirts or low cut tops are not permitted, and torn or ripped clothing is not allowed. The dress for Saturday, during the day, is casual.

What Should I Pack?

The recommended packing list includes:

  • Toiletries

  • Jeans/slacks

  • Casual shirts/blouses

  • T-shirts

  • Shabbat appropriate attire

  • Sweatshirts/sweaters

  • A bathing suit

  • BBYO regional/council spirit clothing

  • Sneakers/casual shoes/dress shoes

  • Pajamas

  • Workout/gym clothes (if desired, there is a fitness center and AZAA/BBGG programming)

  • Kippah, Tallit and Tefillin (if desired)

  • AZA and BBG pins

  • A camera

  • Jacket


How Does Rooming Work at IC?

Delegates will be able to submit roommate requests in the late Fall via their IC registration profile. There is no guarantee they will be matched with their request, but we will work our hardest to fulfill all requests. Otherwise, delegates are roomed randomly at IC in double, triple, quad, and six-suite arrangements. Every effort is made to ensure that teens are comfortable in their rooms and most teens are paired with a teen from their home community and/or a delegate who is in the same grade. While we do not allow for room changes, any serious rooming issues should be brought to the IC staff’s attention right away.

Food & Spending Money

What Are Meals Like? What If a Delegate Has Dietary Restrictions?

All meals provided are either vegetarian, dairy or will include Glatt Kosher meat from a fully accredited local Kosher Caterer. All meals are nut free. For meals including meat, vegetarian options will be available inside the dining room. In addition, if you identified a food allergy on your IC Registration the following meals will also be available in the dining room: dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and Glatt Kosher. All meals must be picked up at a specific meal station in the dining room at the beginning of meals. If you have food concerns, please see a member of the IC staff team or visit the IC Welcome Center. Please note: The dining room cannot honor special requests.

Are There Any Other Dining Options?

To accommodate those who would like additional food, BBYO will host Kosher vendors and feature local delivery partners to provide pizza, sandwiches, salads, and other snacks throughout the day and each evening. This service will be pre-paid, credit card-only and the arrangements are explicitly between the teen customer and the company. Vegetarian options are available and any meat options are not kosher. Orders will be placed through the IC App and have to be placed by a certain time each day. Orders placed after the deadline will not be honored. Delegates will also have access to hotel cafes and restaurants during designated times and can order what they like per their individual needs. All arrangements are explicitly between the  customer and the hotel venue they are ordering food from.

Will Delegates Need Any Spending Money at IC?

Delegates are advised to bring a small amount of spending money to IC. During free time, delegates may be given the option to purchase snacks with cash in addition to the snacks provided to them by BBYO. Also, delegates may choose to purchase items at the IC Shuk (marketplace), showcasing BBYO ‘swag’ and apparel from chapters, councils, regions, and countries across the International Order. Items at the IC Shuk typically cost between $10 and $45.

Supervision & Code of Conduct

What Is BBYO's Supervision and Discipline Policy?

BBYO has a minimum supervision ratio of 15 teens to every adult. All of BBYO’s professional IC staff have had background checks and are trained to work with your teens and keep them safe. As a reminder, your teen signed a Code of Conduct agreement upon registering for BBYO membership. This indicates their full understanding of our behavioral expectations. Should a teen choose to act outside of our Code of Conduct, the incident will be addressed by the appropriate staff members.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to any violation of the Code of Conduct and any discipline matter that comes to the attention of IC staff. If you are (or your teen is) dismissed from IC for disciplinary reasons or Code of Conduct violations, BBYO staff will arrange for travel home immediately, at your family’s expense and without a refund.

  1. All participants must follow BBYO’s Code of Conduct (explained in the AZA and BBG handbooks). Any teen may be dismissed at any time for violating the Code of Conduct. Disciplinary decisions rendered by the IC staff are deemed fair and final.

  2. Behaviors that will result in immediate dismissal include: causing injury to another teen, staff member or guest; theft or causing damage to hotel or other’s property; violating curfew (leaving one’s assigned sleeping room after “lights out”); possession of fireworks or firearms; smoking; consumption/possession of drugs/alcohol or any substance used to create an unnatural high; causing injury to oneself; tattooing or piercing; entering a sleeping room of the opposite gender at any time; gambling; sexual harassment; hazing or demonstrating violent behavior.

  3. Participants may not leave the program (except in the case of a medical emergency) from the time of arrival until the time that IC concludes. All participants are strictly prohibited from leaving the hotel grounds.

  4. Participants must attend and be on time to all programs and scheduled sessions, including meals.

  5. All participants must act respectfully toward fellow teens, guests and staff. Vulgar language and inappropriate gestures – even jokingly – will not be tolerated. This applies to the use of social media. We will be joined by many guests representing a plurality of opinions and associations. While they are in our "home," we will be good hosts and show respect at all times.

  6. Conduct that endangers the safety, morals, health or welfare of others will not be tolerated.

  7. Hotels are busy, open spaces. Please be respectful of other guests by keeping noise down, and do not congregate in hallways, lobbies or enter other groups' convention spaces.

  8. Visitors are not allowed at IC at any time.

  9. Requests for room changes will not be honored.

  10. Should you lose your room key, please visit the IC Welcome Center for help.

  11. Please report any and all damages in your room—heating/cooling, plumbing, furniture, etc.—to a staff member. Any unreported damages will be charged to ALL guests in the room.

  12. Participants are required to check all prescription medications with the IC nurse upon registration. Under no circumstances shall a teen share, sell or trade medication of any type – over-the-counter or prescription.

  13. You may bring food, but all containers must have their original seal intact. Homemade baked goods are prohibited. Bags will be checked upon arrival. Please do not bring any food products containing nuts, meat or shellfish.

  14. Proper/respectful attire must be worn at all times. Please wear shoes in the public spaces of the hotel.

  15. Drones and hover boards are strictly prohibited from all BBYO programs.

What Are the Security Arrangements for IC?

BBYO takes every precaution with regard to security for International Convention, it is our top priority. Details will be shared with delegates and their families in the weeks ahead of IC. All policies, procedures and protective measures are implemented in full collaboration with renowned security services that keep some of the American government's highest profile events safe as well as with all local, state and national police and intelligence departments. More information is available upon request by delegates or delegate families of registered teens. Please send any questions to the IC Leadership Team.

Have Other Questions?

Contact the IC Leadership Team as often as you’d like! We want to get you the information you need to make your (or your teen’s) entire IC experience—from registration through the return home from Denver—a relaxed, easy and fun process.