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Global Leadership Academy

What is the Global Leadership Academy?

The Global Leadership Academy (GLA) prepares an elite cohort of Jewish teens from around the world with marketable leadership skills and experiences that are transferable throughout their lives. Designed as an online cohort and based on the three pillars—Understanding Leadership Strengths, Relationship Building, and Scaling Impact—the program is built on a set of competencies that define a leader. These are intended to create a strong force of Alephs, B’nai B’rith Girls, staff, parents, advisors, and philanthropists all working toward creating a movement of our future leaders, committed to a strong Jewish community and a better world.

As a member of the GLA, you will take part in monthly cohort calls, engage with prominent entrepreneurs and leadership experts, and complete a set of projects designed to further develop your leadership skills. You will exit the program with further developed leadership strengths along with skills in relationship building and leading a movement to leave a larger impact. GLA generally looks to engage high school sophomores (grade 10, ages 15–16) who have great leadership potential but may not necessarily hold formal leadership positions. undefined

Nominations will be due Wednesday, September 18 and applications will be due Friday, September 20.


Past Speakers & Guests

Learn lifelong leadership skills from top leaders across industries and begin building your professional network.

Matt Grossman

Chief Executive Officer, BBYO

Ashley Kolaya

Associate Program Director, TED-Ed

Liron Lipinsky

Associate Vice President of Jewish Enrichment, BBYO

Marc Saperstein

Vice Chairman, BBYO Board of Directors

Rabbi Daniel Septimus

Chief Executive Officer, Shalom Austin

Quotes from Past Cohort Members

“I have become more confident in my leadership skills and have more faith in myself to really make an impact in my chapter in the future.” —Dina Saef, Great Midwest Region

“If there is one thing I want to bring back to my community from GLA is that being a leader is not necessarily about learning new skills, but it is mostly about taking the skills you already have and sharpening them.” —Evan Forman, Lake Ontario Region

“GLA is a great way to meet teens around the globe and build up your leadership experience.” —Grace Adler, Great Midwest Region

GLA Important Dates

Explore the key dates for the Global Leadership Academy cohort for 2019-2020.

August 30th

Global Leadership Academy application launches.

September 20th

Global Leadership Academy application closes.

October 20th

Get to know the Global Leadership Academy call.

November 3rd

First Cohort Call: Understanding Leadership

December 8th

Second Cohort Call: Relationship Building

January 12th

Third Cohort Call: Scaling Impact, Pt. I

January 26th

Fourth Cohort Call: Scaling Impact, Pt. II

February 13th

GLA Presents at BBYO International Convention

March 8th

Fifth Cohort Call: Bringing It All Together

March 22nd

Final Cohort Call: Feedback and Celebration

Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Leadership Academy is a newer program to BBYO. Learn more about the about experience by exploring some common questions listed below.

What is the time commitment?

You should plan to commit between one and two hours a week to the Global Leadership Academy. These hours include monthly cohort calls that you will take part in as well as individual projects you will work on to further foster your leadership skills.

Who should apply?

GLA is generally targeted toward sophomores (grade 10, ages 15–16) who are looking to build their skills and experience outside BBYO’s traditional democratic leadership model.

What does a cohort call typically look like?

As a member of the GLA you will participate in monthly cohort calls with all other GLA teens. Each 90-minute cohort call is led by speakers and coaches focusing on workshopping one leadership pillar and helping you refine your skills. A typical call agenda might look like this:

  • Icebreaker/Introductions

  • Jewish Educator Speaker

  • Intro to the Leadership Pillar

  • Leadership-Focused Speaker

  • Workshop and Reflection

  • Discussion of Upcoming Individual Projects

How will I grow as a leader through GLA?

Create your own leadership journey as you choose from a menu of projects that further develop leadership skills discussed on the cohort call. These projects are intended to set you up for success in other leadership endeavors and to leave an impact on your community. Think: getting coffee with an alum, reading a leadership article, and meeting with an executive in a field of interest.

Click here for a peek at past GLA projects.

Current Cohort

Once the new GLA cohort is selected, check back here to see which Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls are participating. Additionally, GLA cohort members will have access to the GLA portal on the website.