The Excitement Begins Way Before February

Beyond our cast of inspiring speakers, celebrating Shabbat, exclusive musical performances, transformative leadership development opportunities, and immersing yourself in the local community, there are additional ways that you can be involved in International Convention. From planning programs at IC to coordinating your community's spirit plan to participating in AZA's and BBG's democratic traditions—we're going to post many ways for you to be involved from the very beginning.

If you're looking for additional ways to get involved in AZA and BBG beyond IC, check out the Lead Hub.

IC 2022 Stand UP Drive​

Every year, the IC Steering Leadership chooses a local organization to support through donation items. This year, we’re supporting the St. Francis Neighborhood Center (SFNC)! SFNC’s is the oldest youth enrichment center in Baltimore and their mission is to end generational poverty. Over 1,200 children in this area live below poverty and we’re hoping to work together to help out. Please bring one (or more!) of the following things to donate:

You’ll be able to drop your items off at the Welcome Center on Thursday or Friday of IC. Look for the signs!

More Opportunities

Coming Soon

IC Steering

Committee Sign Ups and Leadership Applications are due Wednesday, September 1

Overview of Teams

  • Jewish Enrichment: Made of creative thinkers with a strong Judaic background (or excitement to learn), knowledge on BBYO’s approach to pluralism and ritual, and have experience with innovative programming or planning for a BBYO Shabbat. These roles will work closely with BBYO’s Directors of Jewish Enrichment, song leaders, and the International Sh’lichim. 

  • Operations and Special Projects: Help shape, create, and vision some of the inner workings and niche experiences for different parts of the IC experience. From managing the operations of the IC Steering Team or helping to select our big talent names, to coordinating our Global Ambassadors Week or serving on the IC Green Team, the opportunities are endless. 

  • LEADS: Bring your love for sports and wellness, interactive workshops and classes, or community service to this year’s LEADS teams. Together, we’ll build a day of AZAA/BBGG (sports) and Maccabiah inspired competitions, a lineup of incredible speakers, trainers, and guests, and powerful moments of impactful service.

  • Experience: The Experience team will bring our lounges to life, surprise the Order with insane pop-ups and interactive experiences, and provide unique experiences for special groups of members. The Movement's most creative, innovative, and energized teens will also help us bring BBYO Boulevard to life.

  • Teen Programming: Teen programming is at the heart of BBYO International Convention. This incredible team will work to build, curate, and facilitate Oneg, Limmud, and Separates experiences. This team will act as a role model to inspire and provide real examples to bring home to your communities.

Overview of Roles

  • Administrative Assistants (Admins): Work closely with the International S’ganim and IC Leadership Team to manage and lead their respective team. Admins should be organized, creative, have an eye for detail, and be able to juggle multiple projects at once. Admins will be expected to host team calls, elevate and provide feedback on experiences, and dedicate 5-7 hours weekly on developing the IC experience. Admins should have experience coaching, leading, managing others, and a strong ability to adapt.

  • Coordinators: Work closely with the International S’ganim and IC Leadership Team to develop their respective experience. Coordinators will serve an important role as the teen voice and should be creative, organized, and have an eye for detail. Coordinators should be ready to dedicate 2-4 hours weekly on creating their experience and excited to execute on site. 

  • Captains: Work closely with their admins and professional partners to support and manage the planning and execution of their respective team. Captains should be organized, creative, and have an eye for detail. Captains will be expected to provide feedback on IC experiences, partner with their admins and committees, and spend 3-5 hours weekly on developing the IC experience.

  • Committees: Work closely with their admins and captains to develop the IC experience within their specific committee. Committee members should be ready to write and execute innovative programs and services, bring energy and excitement to the IC experience, and dedicate 1-3 hours weekly on developing IC programming. 

Jewish Enrichment Team

Shabbat Atmosphere ✨

Help create the magic of Shabbat by designing and building the Shabbat environment. From what goes on the tables on Shabbat to how the hallways feel during the weekend, this team will bring a Shabbat touch to all aspects of IC. 


  • Shabbat Atmosphere Administrative Assistants

  • Shabbat Atmosphere Committee

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Saturday Morning 🌅

Dive into building all aspects of the Saturday morning experience at IC with a focus on Services. The best team members have experience in planning services and are inclusive, creative, and pluralistic minded individuals. 


  • Saturday Morning Administrative Assistants

  • Saturday Morning Committee

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Havdalah 🌄

Join the team that will help close out our Shabbat celebration at International Convention 2022. This team will lead a beautiful and memorable Havdalah experience for the entire BBYO community. Come excited to design a powerful moment for the big plenary stage that captures the power of our people.


  • Havdalah Administrative Assistants

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Kabbalat Shabbat 🤩

This team brings together inclusive, creative, and pluralistic minded individuals who have a passion for coordinating Friday evening services. They will support all aspects of the Friday night experience at IC with a focus on Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv services.


  • Kabbalat Shabbat Administrative Assistants

  • Kabbalat Shabbat Committee

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J-Lab 🎉

J-Lab is the space for highly creative, fun, innovative, and passionate teens who care about Jewish values and learning. As a part of this team you’ll get a chance at designing interactive exhibits, hosting pop-up speakers and sessions on a variety of topics, or planning a creative service.


  • J-Lab Administrative Assistants

  • J-Lab Services and Program Captain

  • J-Lab Exhibits Captain

  • J-Lab Services and Program Committee

  • J-Lab Exhibits Committee

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Operations and Special Projects Team

Green Team ♻️

Join IC’s first-ever Green Team! Sustainability is important to all of us at BBYO and we want our Movement’s biggest moment to impact the Jewish future, not the environment. If you’re interested in helping IC become more sustainable and eco-friendly, you’re in the right place.


  • Green Team Committee

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IC Summit ⛰️

IC Summit is for teens who arrive early to IC on Wednesday, February 16. Summit is for any Aleph or BBG interested in diving into a variety of topics and showcasing their leadership skills. The Summit Coordinators will help shape what this pre-IC experience looks like.


  • IC Summit Coordinators

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Global Ambassadors Week 🌐

Before IC kicks off, all delegates from outside the US and Canada will unite for a week of learning, touring, excitement, friends and fun. The Global Ambassadors Week Coordinators will work in partnership with the International Mazkirim to build this incredible experience for these teens. 


  • Global Ambassadors Week Coordinators

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Operations ⚙️

Operations Administrative Assistants must have exemplary organizational skills and the ability to manage their time well. They support IC Registration and Launch Nights, manage supplies and printing, and help ensure that every part of IC Steering has what they need.


  • Operations Administrative Assistants

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Stakeholders 🕶️

These individuals work closely with the IC Planning Team to ensure that guests are hosted and managed to the best of BBYO's hospitality standards. You’re perfect for this role if you have exemplary public speaking and hosting skills and are comfortable in fast paced and professional environments.


  • Stakeholders Administrative Assistants

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Talent 🌟

Looking for creative individuals with a vision for the lineup of speakers, guests, and performers for the IC Mainstage. This team will help select speakers and guests, manage meet and greet and VIP experiences, and train teens to facilitate speaker sessions


  • Talent Administrative Assistants

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BBYO LEADS Day showcases the best of what BBYO has to offer its members—and new this year, we’re running 3 types of experiences for everyone! We’ll have a huge track for teens to play sports (think AZAA/BBGG and Maccabiah) and explore wellness, a track that showcases our top-level speakers and unique BBYO-only experiences through workshops, and a track that spends the day doing service for, in, and throughout the Baltimore community.


  • LEADS Administrative Assistants

  • Sports and Wellness Captains

  • Workshop Captains

  • Community Service Captains

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Experience Team

Experience 🎟️

The Experience Team brings BBYO Boulevard to life at IC. This team will help build and run programming for all of our lounges, get creative about pop-ups and interactive experiences, provide unique experiences for special groups of members, and help build out our Saturday night BBYO Festival experience. This role is responsible for overseeing all of these areas.


  • Experience Administrative Assistants

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BBYO Festival 🎆

This year at IC, Saturday night will feature an exclusive BBYO Festival where partners will run events, interactives, unique and interesting experiences, and our lounges will come to life. Our BBYO Festival captains and committee will shape and design what this incredible, fun, and one of a kind experience will look like.


  • BBYO Festival Captains

  • BBYO Festival Committee

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Zen Z️one 🧘

The Zen Zone is the space to unplug, unwind, and recharge during IC. The Zen Zone team will create and host experiences on mindfulness, wellness, healthy living, and fitness.


  • Zen Zone Captains

  • Zen Zone Committee

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AZA Lounge 📘

Our AZA Lounge team will bring Alephs across generations together through games and tournaments, deep talks, and good ol’ fun. This space will celebrate our fraternity's legacy.


  • AZA Lounge Captains

  • AZA Lounge Committee

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BBG Lounge 📕

Anita Perlman is alive and well. The BBG Lounge team will be the hosts, ideators, and creative voices for BBG bonding, crafts, snacks, fun, and connecting with BBGs from across the Movement.


  • BBG Lounge Captains

  • BBG Lounge Committee

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Music Studio 🎶

The Music Studio brings the #tunes to IC. As an IC classic, the Music Studio team is responsible for the musical heartbeat of convention. From songwriting workshops and open mic performances, to sing-a-longs and Shabbat shira, the Music Studio Team's your place.


  • Music Studio Captains

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Global Cafe ☕

The Global Cafe Team will bring together our beautiful Diaspora, present our unique traditions which are all grounded in the same Jewish heritage, and provide a space to connect with teens and staff from around the world through language, music, and games. The Global Cafe team will provide spaces to find a long lost cousin, learn a few words in a new language, and enjoy the magic of uniting our People.


  • Global Cafe Captains

  • Global Cafe Committee

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Senior Experience 🎓

This crew will work to create an amazing experience for the seniors, design ways to celebrate the Class of 2022, and help with focused efforts on recruiting seniors to attend IC. Our experiences will feel like a grand finale for our Movement’s oldest members and provide them with Lifetime Membership.


  • Senior Experience Captains

  • Senior Experience Committee

The CLTC Coordinators build and lead the Freshman Experience at IC—stay tuned for the Summer Coordinators app soon!

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Stand UP Project 🤝

This philanthropic group will work to support our local IC Host community through our Stand UP initiatives. Stand UP is how BBYO practices tikkun olam—the act of repairing the world—by giving back to our communities. This year, in Baltimore, the Stand UP team will spearhead a meaningful project that all of our communities, near and far, can participate in.


  • Stand UP Project Captains

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Teen Programming Team

Teen Programming 😎

Programming that's built by teens, for teens, is at the heart of what makes AZA & BBG so special. At International Convention, this rockstar team will work to build, curate, and facilitate teen-led program experiences throughout IC. They will model the best ways that BBYO can program to inspire and provide real examples to bring home to your communities. This role is responsible for these areas.


  • Teen Programming Administrative Assistants

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Oneg 🎈

International Convention Onegs build our community on Friday night, and provide spaces where teens can hang out, have fun, and engage in meaningful community building programming. The Oneg team will be responsible for building out all of our Oneg experiences, think big and creatively, and create a Friday night experience unlike no other.


  • Oneg Captains

  • Oneg Committee

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Limmud 📣

New this year, in addition to our all-star lineup of guest educators, influencers, and speakers, we’ll be blending the Limmud experience with some of the Movement’s most inspirational teens and incredible programs from around the world. This team will build and execute a vision for these experiences.


  • Limmud Captains

  • Limmud Committee

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Separates 🕯️

BBYO International Convention will offer AZA, BBG, and siblinghood Separates experiences for all of our Order to celebrate and participate in our decades old tradition of International Separates. This team will work to write, provide feedback on, and execute AZA, BBG, and Sibilinghood Separates experiences.


  • Separates Captains

  • Separates Committee

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