The BBYO Store of Your Dreams

The IC Shuk (marketplace), a highlight of every IC, is where attendees can purchase swag (merchandise) from chapters, councils, regions, and countries all around the order. Participants can take their new BBYO merchandise back to their community and display the BBYO Movement spirit year-round.

All chapters, regions, councils, and communities are encouraged to sell items at the IC Shuk. This is a great opportunity for you to raise funds for your chapter or community and share your pride!

As is the long-standing tradition, 10% of all IC Shuk sales revenue is contributed to BBYO's International Service Fund (ISF). For more information on the ISF, or to brainstorm on what’s going to fly off the shelves at this year’s IC Shuk, be in touch with the International Gizborim, Avi Cohn or Sami Cooper.

Merchandise must be submitted by January 24 via the form below to be sold at the IC Shuk.

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