Jewish Influences in Television

December 10, 2021
Eden Novick

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Class of 2024

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An undeniable thing that most Jewish teens have in common is that we love to see Jewish actors succeed. We feel more connected to our role models when we realize that we share traditions, culture, and inside jokes that only we could understand. Keeping up with all the Jewish celebrities making waves in the entertainment industry can be difficult at times, so I’ve decided to make it a bit easier for you!
Here is a list of Jewish actors and what they’re up to today:

1) Timothée Chalamet

Timothée is a personal favorite of mine, and I believe that we can expect many incredible movies to come from him in the future! His recent movie Dune has received highly rated reviews­­–as per usual for Chalamet ­–and I think it’s safe to say that his upcoming role of Willy Wonka (a prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) is highly anticipated.

2) Noah Schnapp

When I first heard that Noah Schnapp was Jewish after I finished watching Stranger Things, I couldn’t help but be excited for his future in the industry! His performance as Will in one of the most popular shows on Netflix is nothing short of impressive. Stay tuned for Stranger Things Season 4, which is scheduled to be released mid-2022.

3) Gal Gadot

This beautiful Israeli actress has dominated the Superhero world in her role as Wonder Woman. Not only is she a DC fan-favorite, but she also plays a major role in Netflix’s Red Notice. She recently had her third child, Daniella, in mid-2021. Hopefully, we’ll see much more of Gal Gadot in the coming years!
These 3 actors have thrived in their respective roles, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them as Jewish influences in television!
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