10 Amazing Things About Delta’s Fall Regional Convention

November 12, 2021
Alex Agranov

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Class of 2022

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After almost two years, BBYO is finally back to in-person conventions, and last weekend, Delta Region #72 is having its Fall Regional Convention (FRC) in Nashville, Tennessee. Teens all over the region have been planning this event with the goal of bringing people together to have the time of their life. From leadership to friendship, to silly traditions, there are countless reasons why FRC will be one of the best conventions that the region has seen.  With that being said, here are 10 reasons to look forward to Delta’s FRC 2021:

#10: Location

On November 5th-7th, Delta Region met in Nashville, Tennessee at Camp Nacome. This campsite is definitely a score since the location is ginormous. There, you might find yourself climbing rock walls, playing human foosball, having a friendly game of volleyball, or just hanging out with your friends in the camp's rec hall.

#9: Education

Regional convention serves as a place to educate yourself on the history of BBYO and to see how you can personally get involved. Teens may learn to program using folds, communicate throughout their chapters, and see firsthand what steering a convention has to offer. Here, you may find yourself convinced to attend one of many summer programs that BBYO has to offer, as well as IC, BBYO’s largest convention held for all teens throughout the order.

#8: Judaics

Whether it’s a Havdalah service by the campfire or community service, FRC is a perfect place to become more engaged with Judaics within your community or internationally. Be ready to sit by your friends at an hour-long song session and have a Jewish athletes draft simulation for those who are diehard sports fans.

#7: Friendly Competition

If you’re in BBYO, you know that people never shy away from any competition that steps in their way. During this convention, there was a color war between two teams, including well-programmed games and events with the goal to have the most points by the end of the competition.

#6: Business Meeting

At every convention, there is always a regional business meeting with the regional presidents sharing new information with the region. This convention is no different. Due to the fact that this is the first in-person in over a year, we hope that this meeting will be engaging to all that attend.

#5:  Separates

Separates is another aspect at convention that is meant to form siblinghood among teens throughout the region. This year, Delta’s regional board decided that inclusivity was a top priority, so there were not only be AZA and BBG separates, but there were also be siblinghood separates for those who do not identify as male or female, or for those who feel more comfortable in that setting.

#4: Regional Spirit

Over the past year, many teens have not been able to truly experience what BBYO in Delta Region truly looks like. This convention will teach teens Delta Region’s traditions, show off the leaders of the region, and display many other aspects of Delta that may not be shown every day.

#3: Seeing Old Friends

For many people, this will be their first in-person convention in a very long time. In fact, the last time Delta Region was together was IC 2020! People will finally be able to reconnect with those who they haven’t seen in months, making their experience at FRC infinitely better.  

#2:  Meeting New Friends

For many newer members, this will be their first in-person regional convention. Here, they will truly find out that BBYO friendships can last for years to come, making them want to come back to Delta’s Spring Regional Convention in 2022 in Memphis, Tennessee, or even go to CLTC, ILTC, IC, or any of the wide variety of international programs that BBYO has to offer.

#1: Having a Great Time

Overall, the main goal of the convention is to have fun while participating in the previously mentioned items on this list. It’s a common saying that, “you get what you put into BBYO,” and for those attending Delta’s Fall Regional Convention this weekend, they will not be disappointed!

Alex Agranov is an Aleph from Delta Region, and he solves Rubik’s Cubes competitively.

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