All Jewish Teens and Young Adults Worldwide,

We’re navigating a very different season than we had anticipated just a few weeks ago. As we all ride out the many local and global developments impacting our school schedules, our extracurricular activities, and our regular routines, we know that we can count on each other—thank goodness. We will keep our spirits up, stay connected with one another, and work as hard as we always have to connect Jewish teens and young adults around the world to share our ideas, learn together, make the world a better place, and have a wildly fun time while doing it.

Our worldwide network of teens, volunteers, and professionals are uniting to provide the power and impact of BBYO and our partners in new, adaptable, and innovative ways so that wherever Jewish teens and young adults are, we can enjoy everything our movement has to offer, any time we want, online.

Over the coming days, this new online space will continue to evolve with exciting opportunities, and we’ll begin to offer programming on a schedule that will feel a lot like a special ‘TV channel’ that you can tune into and enjoy from whatever time zone you’re in as often as you’d like. There’ll even be global events that we can all share in whether we’re across town or halfway around the world.

AZA, BBG, and the global Jewish community have never been stronger, and nothing’s going to stop us now. Feel free to share everything we’re offering here with any Jewish teen or young adult in your life—BBYO member or not. We want everyone to feel like they have a place to be and a community to learn and laugh with right now. Stay happy and healthy!

Together As One, Forever United As One Crew,
The Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls of BBYO

About BBYO On Demand

A global team of teens and adults are working collaboratively to build this platform as a space for any Jewish teen and young adult across the world to connect amid the current changes to daily life.

In addition to hosting content led by our peers, we invite the participation of like-minded organizations and networks with shared values, across the entirety of the Jewish community, to be a part of this entrepreneurial effort. We thank you for your patience as we build ‘BBYO On Demand’ in real time to reflect the wants and needs of Jewish teens around the world.

About BBYO On Demand

Essentially, BBYO On Demand is a rapidly expanding hub that offers teens, like us, various ways to share ideas, learn, laugh, watch TV, make music, challenge each other, make the world a better place, celebrate all that we are, and have a really fun time while doing it. It’s also a way for each of us, independently or with friends, to engage with exciting content, featured guests, incredible speakers and entertainers, and most importantly, other Jewish teens.

Is it free? Do I have to be a member of BBYO or affiliated with BBYO? 

Yes, it’s free to use. And no, you do not need to be a member of BBYO or affiliated with BBYO to utilize the platform. There may be specific sessions that individual BBYO chapters choose to keep closed to members, but the same may go for any number of partner organizations using the platform as well. At this time of change and disruption, we want to offer an easy way for Jewish young people around the world to connect. Everyone is welcome at any time.

Is it finished?

Nope. It’s a work in progress. A worldwide team of hundreds of teens, volunteers, educators and staff are driving ‘BBYO On Demand’ forward in real time. As feedback is gathered and new ideas are heard, we’re working to evolve the experience as quickly as possible. We welcome thoughts from you, and will do our best to be as responsive to your feedback as possible.

What does BBYO On Demand offer?

 Through BBYO On Demand, teens can:

  • Enjoy activities, videos, podcasts, music, and programming resources that are available all of the time through an expanding library

  • Plug into live, scheduled programming several times a day, every day

  • Submit programming plans to host teen-led and adult-(educator, teacher, specialist, featured guest, etc.) led original content (episodes, mini-series, classes, workshops, special events, games, services, activities, hangouts, and more)

How is programming offered?

Programs and activities are offered via:

  • Episodes (one-time sessions)

  • Mini-series (multiple part sessions with consistent hosts, themes, or topics)

  • Interactive activities (games, conversations, tournaments, parties, classes, and more)

  • Media libraries that will fill with videos, podcasts, and more across various BBYO On Demand channels

We highly encourage all content creators, teens and adults, to stretch their creativity to make as many digital engagements as interactive as possible by utilizing platforms that allow for conversation, dialogue, sharing or audience participation.

What is the global reach of BBYO On Demand?

BBYO On Demand will reflect the creator, host, and participant communities it attracts and engages. Our hope is that BBYO’s worldwide platform, in partnership with Jewish community networks and institutions across the globe, will engage a teen audience in all languages and across all time zones. When timing allows, we envision many sessions and activities to unite Jewish teens on different continents in the same tournaments, games, conversations and events. 

The BBYO On Demand team is building materials in various languages to help with promotion, and portions of the BBYO On Demand website, when viewed through Google Chrome, are translatable in more than 200 languages. We see global connectivity as one of the most exciting opportunities to explore via BBYO On Demand. If there are specific tools or resources your community or country needs, just be in touch with us and we’ll gladly support you.

Who is BBYO On Demand for exactly?

BBYO On Demand is being built with the primary audiences of Jewish teens and Jewish young adults, as well as their families, in mind. BBYO around the world primarily serves Jewish teens from just before B’nai Mitzvah until university, but the ages range from country to country. Partner organizations can schedule programming and activities for guests from specific age brackets, identify a target audience in their session description, and even have a password-required entry if necessary.

How does BBYO On Demand approach pluralism?

BBYO On Demand is a dynamic platform for our global Jewish community. It does not have a time zone, date or location; it’s a universally accessible tool to build, sustain and strengthen Jewish community and connectivity among Jewish teens, Jewish young adults, and the Jewish People. You may see programs at any and all times, of all kinds, celebrating the widest spectrums of pluralism, interest, and practice. We encourage you to pick and choose how you engage with the Jewish community and Jewish tradition best based on your own personal preferences and individual observance. We hope you enjoy everything BBYO On Demand has to offer, and that you’ll contribute to it, too!

How does programming, event scheduling, and content submission work?

Any creator or host (teen or adult) can submit content or a program scheduling request through the BBYO On Demand website. For live-scheduled programming, the BBYO On Demand team needs a minimum of 48-hours to receive, review, and publish to the programming schedule. We advise submitting your plans as far out as possible to give yourself time to promote your programming, and for teen audiences to see it ‘coming up’ in their programming queues. As content builds, and programming is submitted, we’ll communicate with creators and hosts if there will be any adjustments to this timeline.

What does BBYO On Demand verified ☑ mean? 

BBYO On Demand sessions are denoted by this symbol (☑) in the title.

Episodes, mini-series, interactive activities, special events, and media libraries that are built in partnership with BBYO On Demand or are submitted by established teens, teen creators, teen leaders, institutions, educators, teachers, influencers, agencies, and other partners will be ‘verified’ to indicate that these contributions reflect a content standard BBYO can endorse.

As much of the content uploaded and scheduled will be built by teens and adults-at-large organically, this will be an easy way for visitors to decipher between BBYO On Demand original content and BBYO On Demand user-generated content.

As a partner to BBYO On Demand can I host sessions for a specific audience?

Absolutely. Already, it appears that various Jewish educational programs and Jewish teen networks with geographically distinct clubs will be using BBYO On Demand. When submitting your content plans, you can request platforms with password entry so you can distribute to your particular audience a unique access code. Then, you can decide which sessions you want open to any teen to partake and which you want to keep closed.

Do content submissions need to be approved before publishing or hosting?

Kind of. The BBYO On Demand team, including teens, are not reviewing content for quality, but we are checking to confirm appropriateness. The BBYO On Demand marketplace of activities will compete for audiences and followers the same as any engagement programming or online media does - entirely based on how compelling it is. All creators and hosts will be equipped with tools to help promote BBYO On Demand and highlight their specific content. We’re all in this together!

Who’s monitoring and supporting BBYO On Demand?

The worldwide BBYO On Demand team of teens and professionals will be supporting our programming schedule in shifts, across time zones, to ensure that there are active monitors present throughout, and all creators and hosts will be connected with support teams to ensure they have someone to be in touch with should they have any technical issues during their programming or activities.

What is BBYO On Demand's Code of Conduct and Safety Policies?

We're committed to ensuring BBYO On Demand is a safe, inclusive place for Jewish teens worldwide. Read through our policies and procedures to learn how we are keeping our community safe.

Reporting PolicyCommunity Guidelines

If something inappropriate happens on a call, what should I do?

If you want to flag something that happened on a BBYO On Demand call to BBYO's professional staff team, fill out the form below. We are committed to helping and supporting you.

Report an Incident

Can teens still get involved in building BBYO On Demand?

Absolutely! Any teen is invited to email us to join any of the many teams assembling to shape and scale BBYO On Demand. We welcome the participation of teens from any organization, movement or network - no BBYO affiliation required.

Suggested Programs and Activities (Let Your Imagination Run Wild!)

Art Classes
Birthday Parties
Board Game Tournaments (via virtual platform)
Book ClubsChapter Meetings
Chess Matches
Coffee House/Open Mic Performances
Comedy Shows
Cooking Classes
Community Service Projects
Daily Prayer Services
Esports Match Ups
Exercise Classes
Family Programming
Foreign Language Conversations
Hangouts and Chofesh
Homework Clubs
ImprovInterest Clubs
Jewish Learning
Meet Ups
Music Making Sessions
Philanthropy Games
Shabbat Services
Shared Meals and Shabbat Dinners
Song SessionsSpeaker Engagements
Study Hall
Text Study
Trivia Games
Watch Parties
Tik Tok Challenges
Video Game Tournaments
Video Conferencing with Grandparents and Senior Citizens
Video Series (by host, theme or topic)
Virtual Volunteer Opportunities
Voter Registration Drive

Branding Kit

Explore all BBYO On Demand logos and assets in the link below. If there's something you'd like to see in this kit, let us know!