IC 2023 Stakeholder Experience Program Schedule Dallas, Texas

Wednesday, February 15

4:30 PM | IC Site Tour

Each year at IC, a team of BBYO teens and professionals transform a hotel setting into an interactive, immersive Jewish environment that intends to engage and delight participants. Join us for a tour that previews the ways in which design, creativity, and compelling programming comes together.

6:00 PM | BBYO Board of Directors and Advisory Council Dinner

Invite Only

8:30 PM | Meet and Mingle with BBYO Teens

Meet with teens participating in BBYO's first-ever Global Leadership Forum—a creative, high-impact leadership seminar offering workshops, laboratories, and hands-on programming for teens from around the world to build new skills and grow as leaders.

9:30 PM | Cocktails & Socializing

Thursday, February 16

8:00 AM | Breakfast

9:00 AM | BBYO International Board of Directors Meeting

Invite Only

9:00 AM | Women's Leadership Advisory Council Meeting

Invite Only

9:00 AM | Parent Advisory Council Meeting

Invite Only

11:00 AM | IC Site Tour

12:00 PM | Lunch: How BBYO Inc. Came to Be

This conversation with Lynn Schusterman, founder of Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies, and Matthew Grossman, BBYO’s CEO, will feature insights and learnings from the effort to bring BBYO independent of B’nai B’rith in the late 1990s.

Speakers: Matthew Grossman, CEO, BBYO, Inc.; Lynn Schusterman, Founding Chair, BBYO, Inc.; Facilitated by David Rittberg, Senior Director Schusterman Family Philanthropies    

Afternoon Stakeholder Programming

Participate alongside teens, experts, and fellow community leaders in sessions exploring the topics most important to teens today.

1:00 PM | Impacting the World: What Happens When Women Lead

Women continue to break down barriers and push the boundaries of what is possible in the boardroom and beyond, underscoring their superpowers to create opportunity and advantage for the entities they lead. We'll explore the distinctive characteristics and skills that make women uniquely equipped to lead, grow businesses, and navigate crises.

Speakers: Rachel Green, Executive Director of Global Integrated Marketing, Too Faced Cosmetics; Suzanne Lerner, CEO, Michael Stars

1:00 PM | Addressing Our Mental Health

Dive into conversation with child development expert and mental health therapist, Dr. Erika Bocknek, and entertainment executive turned mental health advocate and best-selling author, Tara Schuster. Hosted by Zach Gottlieb, the 16-year-old founder of Talk With Zach, this session will explore what's changing for individuals and families in the current mental health landscape.

Speakers: Dr. Erika Bocknek, LMFT, Founder, Convo; Zach Gottlieb, Founder, Talk with Zach; Tara Schuster, Best-Selling Author

2:00 PM | How Media Shapes Culture

This conversation will focus on the profound effect that different forms of media have on our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors; the impact our media is having in our professional and personal spaces; and, what this means for our teens. Consider answers to how the media determines which stories are elevated in the news cycles, and how news affects our communities.

Speakers: Jeremy Blacklow, Head of Content Standards for the US, CA, and LATAM, Amazon Studios; Paul Finebaum, Talk Show Host, ESPN; Shelley Greenspan, White House Liaison to the Jewish Community; Jodi Kantor, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist and Author, New York Times; Facilitated by Dr. Jay Bernhardt, incoming President of Emerson College

2:00 PM | What Adults Need to Know about Teens and Hookup Culture

Drawing on comprehensive interviews with teens, psychologists, academics, and experts in the field, Peggy Orenstein will dissect our understanding of hookup culture and consent. Look at the hidden truths, hard lessons, and important realities of teen sexuality in today’s world, and what adults need to know to support their teens.

Speaker: Peggy Orenstein, New York Times Best-Selling Author

3:15 PM | Leadership, Legacy, and Our Future: A Conversation Featuring Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Diaspora Teens

As we reflect on our rapidly changing world and the need for vision and bold leadership, a small group of BBYO teens from across the globe will dialogue with Prime Minister Bennett, sharing perspectives and ideas on democracy, leadership, and the Israel-Diaspora relationship.

Moderator: Jodi Kantor, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist and Author, New York Times

4:00 PM | Mincha (Afternoon Worship) with Teens in the J-Lab

4:15 PM | Flex Time

Following our adult programming, choose from opportunities to connect with fellow stakeholders at IC, engage in conversations directly with BBYO teens, or simply relax and enjoy all that our IC 2023 site has to offer.  

BBG Lounge: Keeping BBG Positively Fabulous. Meet with teens in the BBG Lounge as they come together for crafts, connection, and fun.

AZA Lounge: The Ultimate Ping-Pong Showdown. Explore a worldwide Ping Pong tournament with Alephs from across the globe.

J-Lab: Judaic Arts and Ritual Festival Mosaic coasters, Mezuzah cases, tambourines and Tzizit are just the start. Stop by our hands-on arts and ritual fest as teens create their own art and Judaica.

BBYO Embassy: AJTime to Dance. Share in the joy and smiles as teens from across the former Soviet Union and our Movement join together for an energizing dance party.

4:15 PM | IC Site Tour

6:00 PM | Celebrating Israel at 75 Dinner

Join teens and the stakeholder community as we celebrate Israel’s 75th birthday in BBYO style. Enjoy Israeli music with Happie Hoffman, reminisce about BBYO’s teen trips to Israel over the decades, and prepare for an incredible summer ahead in the Holy Land.

7:00 PM | Community and Stakeholder Reception

Join us as we thank the incredible Dallas Jewish community and celebrate the power of BBYO’s global Movement.  Guests will include the former Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett and other special guests.

8:30 PM | BBYO Unites: Opening Ceremonies

Proud. Loud. Fun. Moving. Join us for the official opening of BBYO’s biggest IC yet alongside more than 3,200 Jewish teens from 50 countries and experience the power and strength of our Movement.

Doors Open at 8:00 PM

Friday, February 17

7:45 AM | Voices of Ukraine

In partnership with the JDC, this breakfast session will feature teens and professionals from Ukraine and the FSU sharing how their lives have changed after a year of war.

8:30 AM | BBYO Leads Plenary

BBYO’s 2023 International Convention theme is “Now is Our Time”—a call to action to young leaders around the globe. Through inspiring words from prominent activists, this plenary will highlight the relationship between democracy, truth, and activism, as well as the things young people can do to strengthen and protect democratic principles and systems.

Leads Plenary kicks off a day of programming where delegates will gain skills, build awareness, and impact the community through a variety of tailored BBYO Leadership Labs across greater Dallas.

Doors Open at 8:00 AM

10:15 AM | Fireside Chat with Jodi Kantor

Explore the impact of Ms. Kantor's groundbreaking investigative work covering the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and her unique views on the essential role of journalism in society today.

Speaker: Jodi Kantor, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist and Author, New York Times

10:30 AM - 4:00 PM | Alumni Advisory Council Planning Meeting with Shanna Hocking

Invite Only

11:00 AM | Leads Day Sessions

3:00 PM | Free Time and Shabbat Preparation

4:00 PM | Mincha with Teens in the J-Lab

5:40 PM | Welcoming Shabbat & Sunset Candle Lighting in the J-Lab

While some of the services offer an opportunity for lighting Shabbat candles, the J-Lab will have the option to gather for the blessing over the Shabbat candles at the halachic time, 18 minutes before sundown.

6:00 PM | Kabbalat Shabbat Services

Participate in one of 25+ creative, teen-led program experiences as we welcome Shabbat as a community.

7:15 PM | Shabbat Dinner

9:45 PM | Shabbat Oneg

Saturday, February 18

10:00 AM | BBYO Board of Directors & I-Board Parents Breakfast

Health and Safety Information

As we plan for an exciting in-person event this February, the health and well-being of our BBYO community remains our top priority.

Prior to attending BBYO International Convention, all participants, including teens, staff, volunteers, stakeholders, and speakers, will be required to provide documentation of a negative rapid/antigen test taken on the day of travel. Home-tests will be accepted. Participants are required to write their name and date on the home test and take a photo. Photographs will be shown to staff upon arrival.

In order to attend IC 2023, everyone attending must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Novavax, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The vaccine must be received no later than 14 days before a participant’s IC arrival date. BBYO reserves the right to update this policy based on the direction of BBYO’s Medical Advisory Committee. BBYO’s Medical Advisory Committee recommends, but does not require the COVID-19 booster. For more details on BBYO's COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements and policies, please review this document.

Health and Safety Information