We can’t wait to reunite with the global BBYO movement in Baltimore next February.

As planning for IC 2022 builds, this year’s Convention Coordinators, Avi and Ben, will post highlights that you can look forward to as well as begin to share the special guests, speakers, brands, and performers you can expect to spend the week with when you join us for BBYO’s largest movement moment yet.

If you have any suggestions (or connections!) to individuals, companies, brands, or role models that you think would be great to join us at IC in Baltimore, feel free to write the IC Customer Service Team at any time. We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Some highlights to look forward to (news will continue to build as IC approaches; check back often!):

Featured Speakers, Special Guests, and Performers coming soon! Check back often!

Check out the incredible line up at past BBYO International Conventions here for a taste of what’s to come.

Just Announced

Steve Aoki


Tai Verdes

Sunday Experience Options

On Sunday at IC, you can choose your own adventure by opting into one of two game-changing activities for the day: take part in AZA and BBG's International Elections, or spend the day touring the best sites across the Baltimore and Washington, DC. Remember, if you are a voting delegate, you must sign up for elections. Countries, Regions, and Councils must fill their allotted voting spots. If you need to check if you’re a voting delegate or how many votes your community has, please connect with your community’s Presidents or your community’s professional staff. By choosing your preferred activity below you are committing to this experience for IC's Sunday activity.