We are crafting a schedule that will allow you to choose from a variety of programming to help you explore your identity while encountering new traditions, beliefs, and practices, and interacting with others from different backgrounds and perspectives. In planning this our global Shabbat digital experience, we tried to balance our priorities of building community through shared Jewish ritual moments and our deep commitment to pluralism.

Recognizing that we will be together digitally this year, we welcome you to join us online as we celebrate Shabbat together from sundown on Friday through Havdalah on Saturday in a variety of time zones. Explore the full schedule here →

Shabbat Resources

We understand that some of the digital moments during Shabbat might not fit your personal Shabbat practice and we encourage you to engage in a way that feels comfortable to you. If you want to create your own Shabbat or Havdalah magic, check out these helpful planning resources!

Shabbat Service Scripts

Use these templates to plan your very own Shabbat or Havdalah experience.


Shabbat Siddurim

We know our communities find many different ways to welcome in Shabbat. These slide decks include the blessings for various Shabbat ritual moments (candle lighting, Kiddush, etc), Shabbat Morning prayers, and Havdalah. They also include a selection of prayers and songs that many of our regions have used throughout the last year during their virtual Shabbat experiences. If you are looking additional prayer resources check these out: