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CLTC 50 IN 50


The CLTC 50 In 50 Campaign is Back!

You read that right. From March 2 through April 20, help us recruit 50 Alephs and 50 BBGs in 50 days to register to join us at Chapter Leadership Training Conference (CLTC) this summer. CLTC is the foundation for our global leadership training curriculum. If you've been, you know these 12 days are powerful. The friendships and connections you make at CLTC transform your BBYO experience and life forever.

As if the joy of seeing your friend attend this program isn't enough, we've got a special incentive for people who play. Everyone is eligible to play – teens, advisors, parents, alumni, and staff. Anyone who recruits a teen for CLTC is eligible to enter for a drawing for a $500 gift card. For registrations over 50 teens, $10 gets added to the pot for each teen registered. Fill out the form below anytime you recruit someone to CLTC!

To be entered for the drawing, be sure the teen registering puts YOUR name down on their registration when asked “who recruited you?”

Oh, and just in case you were worried it still couldn't get better—there's still scholarship for Summer 2020 (especially if you're a chapter founder, just got elected to a chapter board, or just an Aleph or BBG looking to get involved!). Tell your friends to apply for scholarship here.

Information About CLTC 2020

CLTC 1 | June 2 – June 14 | Mukwonago, Wisconsin
CLTC 2 |
June 23 – July 5 | Lake Delton, Wisconsin
CLTC 3 |
June 16 – June 28 | Mukwonago, Wisconsin
CLTC 4 |
July 7 – July 19 | Lake Delton, Wisconsin
CLTC 5 |
June 30 – July 12 | Mukwonago, Wisconsin
CLTC 6 |
July 21 – August 2 | Lake Delton, Wisconsin
CLTC 7 |
July 14 – July 26 | Mukwonago, Wisconsin
CLTC 8 |
August 4 – August 16 | Lake Delton, Wisconsin

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